Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sneak Peek

 Rosie is still at Val Elliot's to get her "beauty treatment," but I got a chance to have a sneak peek on Saturday.
 Val started with the white eyelet first and was getting ready on Saturday to paint the red rick rick on top of the eyelet.  This is the back.  In between the roses will be my pin up girl.  I can't wait to see it all done.
This is the door.  The rose buds have been added behind the door handle and Val added the name Rosie on this old heat vent to spruce it up a bit.  EEEEEEK!!!!! I am so excited.  I have to finish the curtains for inside and get the carpet laid down and I will be showing her off to you real soon!!!!


vivian said...

looking good Tammy! Cant wait to see it all finished. so jealous that Sandy is coming down to see you and will get to hang out in your sweet rosie!
And go to the country living fair. I had wanted to try to get to the one in Ohio this year, but after Roberts wedding.. Im a bit broke! so not this year.
I know you girls will have a blast.
have a great week!

Sandy Michelle said...

It looks great! I'm thrilled that I get to see it in person :) I can't wait to see you- soon!!!

Sandy xoxo