Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catching Some Serious Grief!

Yes.  I have heard from all of you.  I know that I have been VERY lax in keeping up with my blog.  Friends and family near and far have been giving me grief about not having a post lately.  SO,  I have made myself sit down and give you all an update.  There is never a dull moment around here.    I have finally found some time to do some Fall and Halloween creating.  I made this ruffled wreath for the front door. I found a yard of linen fabric for $5.00 and a styrofoam wreath and got busy.  It was super easy and came out great.  I added the ribbon and Halloween picks.  For Fall and Thanksgiving I will switch it up.  So my last post in early September, I gave you a sneak peek of Rosie.  Well, she is finished getting her paint job and here is where we are at.
 This is what Rosie looked like when I bought her.
 This is Rosie after phase 1.  She was sanded down, given new diamond plating and sprayed a pretty shade of pale blue all over.
 Then she went to the artist to get all the pretty details.  Rosie is painted all around with white eyelet and red rick rack.  There are roses scattered here and there and of course, the pin-up (Rosie) on the back.
The inside is almost complete, too!!!  I am just waiting to have the carpet put in and finish sewing her curtains and she will be ready for the big unveiling.  The inside is so cozy and sweet. I am so happy with how she has turned out.  Shelby's Fall break is next week so we are going to take Rosie somewhere overnight one night and try her out.

The rest of my time other than finishing Rosie, is being spent crafting for ornament swaps, Halloween and getting ready for Sandy to visit.  The Country Living Fair is always a big weekend for us.  We will be having cocktails with Rosie, a Halloween Craft Party, the CLF and a trip to Savannah. It will be a busy weekend!!! 

I will try and be more frequent with my posting.  I so admire some of my blogging friends.  They are so good at keeping up with their blogs and making them interesting.  Something to strive toward!


vivian said...

Rosies looking good! Wish I was coming down with Sandy. I know you girls will have a blast. Love the CLF had hoped to go to the Ohio show this year, but couldnt make it happen this time.. maybe next year!
Have fun with Sandy!
looking forward to seeing what youre crafting up for our ornie swap. And.. LOVE the wreath!

Pearl said...

I love that wreath!

Greetings from Minneapolis,


Sandy Camarda said...

I love your ruffled wreath and can't wait to see your orni. I am counting down the days 'til I get there. Rosie looks sweeeeet!

Sandy xoxox