Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Girl Turns 7!!

Yes, my sweet little girl has turned 7 years old.  It can't be possible.  This year she decided that she wanted a sleep over party.  Sleep overs are a big thing now to these 7 and 8 year old's.  So I went to work to try and make a fun night.
I crafted these invites for her party.  They had long ribbons to look like a lanyard.  The back side had all the specifics.
We had a total of 6 girls and that was perfect.  I had to pare Shelby's list down and she finally conceded.
I finally started her birthday banner and have it up to date.  It has her picture from each birthday since she turned one.  It looks so sweet.  I plan on keeping this going through her 18th birthday.

These are the goody bags that we made.  I found this idea on Etsy and bought the materials to make them ourselves.  My Mom cut everything out and constructed them.  We had just enough room for all the goodies.
Our first project of the night was to paint and create their own special pillowcase.  These are dye crayons and they are permanent.  After they draw their creations, you just iron the pillowcase and it seals the dye into the fabric.  I found these dye crayons on line from an art website called Blocks.  They were $3.98 for a pack of 15 crayons.
 They really enjoyed this project and had them that night on their pillows. 
The big hit of the night were the shimmer body tattoo's.  These are advertised on TV and they boast that they are good for 7 days in and out of water.  They really do work and they do last.  The glitter is so pretty and it works as the instructions outline.  The girls each got 2.  Here is what S picked.

After pillowcases, tattoos and pizza, I sent them out to jump on Shelby's birthday present.  We got S this trampoline for her birthday.  She loves it.
 After the jumping, they swam until it was time for cake.
We decided on ice cream cake this year.  Most kids end up eating just the icing on cake and cupcakes, but every plate was clean from this one.
After cake we did a few more tattoos and they headed outside each with a flashlight and a bag.  They went on a candy hunt in the dark.  It was fun to watch them running and searching in the dark.
About 10pm I got them settled in their pj's and sleeping bags and put on a movie.  I thought they would fall asleep eventually, but I was wrong.  By 3am I went in and told them to quiet down and go to sleep.  It finally went quiet and I FINALLY fell asleep.
 Surprisingly they were up and moving by 8:30 the next morning.  We had a pancakes with all the fixin's. 
Here are the girls with some of their goody bag items on.  They all got sleep masks and toe socks.  They look so cute!!!!  By 11 am the Mom's came for the girls and I started the clean up.  All of the girls were great and Shelby had a blast!!!!  Happy Birthday, Sweet Shelby Love!!


vivian said...

perfect! I bet all the girls cant wait to do it again next year. I miss those days of sleep overs and birthday partys. I figure we must have had about 60 birthday parties over the years! 4 kids probably averaging about 15 birthday partys or birthday events of some sort! no wonder my hair is white!
hope youre enjoying your summer Tammy!

Sandy Michelle said...

What fun! The birthday banner turned out great and I love the sleeping bags and how you put sleeping masks in them! That is one cool birthday gift idea too! Happy belated birthday to your doll!

Sandy xox

kandeland said...

OMG! Shelby looks SO grown up since the last time I saw a photo of her! Her hair got long and she's quite a young lady now! What a sweet birthday party...looks perfect! And the banner is such a great idea!
enjoy the rest of your summer...xoxo nat