Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Ornament Swap and Sweet Mail!

The lovely Vivian has hosted another ornament swap for Halloween. All of us from Nat's Garden Art Weekend have joined in. These are the tags that I put on each of my ornament bags. If you are interested in this image let me know in your comments and I will email it to you.
I created an image using PSE and printed it out onto printable fabric. Then added some sparkly felt and ribbon to create some stuffed ornaments. If you are in the swap and don't want to see the ornament yet, STOP HERE>
This is my little witch in training. She has her own broom and hat and book of spells. I added the cauldron and tree to the background. The Halloween banner finished off my creation. All of the elements were from a collection I purchased at Raspberry Road Designs. The little girl was from an old on-line PSE class I took with Susan Tuttle. I think this is the third year for the Halloween swap. My Halloween tree is filling up nicely. I am looking forward to seeing what the other girls made.
Friday I got a sweet surprise in the mail from Sandy.
These creations are awesome.
This felted baby bat is way too cute and so clever. It is a little ornament. She had it nestled in this decorated box.
This great smelling Fall candle with a Halloween theme.
Last, but not least, yummy hot chocolate packaged in a coffin. Good timing on the hot chocolate. Is is finally cooling down here in the South. Sweater weather in the morning, short sleeves in the afternoon. Thanks, dear friened. I love everything!


vivian said...

oh how cute! I might just open the boxes tomorrow even though heathers havent arrived yet. i know she mailed them this week, but I might as well open and see what everyone made. I'm excited!
oh! and how lucky you are! I love sandys batty baby!
happy sunday!

Sandy Michelle said...

Eeeek I LOVE the ornis you made :) I'm so glad you like your Halloween treats!!!!

Big Hugs!

Lee said...

Love the idea- need to get better at holiday decorating for the kids!! Email the image- lvoe it!! xoxo