Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Beauty in Vegas!

We had Fall break here in GA last week so S and I flew out to CA to spend the 5 days with Don. We decided to spend the weekend in Vegas. We took a beautiful drive through the desert and 4 hours later went from Irvine, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada.
The Bellagio Hotel and Casino had the most amazing Fall display and was one of my most favorite places to visit down there. This is the lobby ceiling covered in these glass flowers.
This display stands behind the check-in counter in the lobby of the hotel. Everything is so massive and grand in these hotels.
Just beyond the lobby was this huge atrium that the Bellagio had all decorated for Fall. Here are some of the pictures I took to share with you. Just magnificent!
This tree was animated and said several greetings in a deep "Father Time" kind of voice. Way cool!
I wonder how long this flower art lasts? Do they refresh it every day?
In addition to the Bellagio we walked through the Aria hotel and casino. it was very different in decor. More modern.
Just off the casino floor was this amazing pastry and chocolate shop called Jean Phillipe. The displays and hand made Halloween chocolates were breathtaking.
It would be hard to choose just one.
This was jaw dropping for me. As you walked inside the Crystal Hotel and Casino this bar and lounge called Chandelier was covered in strands of crystals. The light glittering off these strands was so pretty.
You felt like you were sitting inside a big crystal chandelier. My pictures did not do it justice. I sooooo want to go back to Vegas. The shopping was amazing there, too. The Caesar's Forum Shops was a 3 story shopping mall of every designer you could imagine. We gambled only a little because we had Shelby with us. Children can walk across the casino floor but can not stop and watch anything. So next time.
We also had to spend some time at California Adventure. My little one became a vampire bat. We had a great time out west. The weather was perfect. Well, we are back and getting ready for Trick or Treat and a visit from this sweet person! Can't wait for your visit!!


kandeland said...

of course they know how to do it there! everything looks gorgeous...glad you had fun! And have a blast with Luz! Yay! xo

Lee said...

Looks amazing. Glad you had a good time. xo


How fun!! That's one place on my list to visit, I just have to do it.
S is so beautiful and looking all grown up--watch out girlie--next thing you know you'll be in my

I loved all the decor---very nice.


LOL....I'm not so sweet today over at my blog..hehehe

I love you excited to be seeing you real, real soon!!!

vivian said...

Some places just know how to do it up big dont they? Can you imagine doing that kind of decorating for a living? wow!
I'm glad you had a good time!
have a great day!