Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Collage and other spooky creations...

I have been working on this collage piece for a few weeks off and on and finally finished. I have had this box in the studio for about 2 years now and dusted it off and started adding the papers and embellishments. I have it hanging in my kitchen where we can enjoy looking at it.
I have my eye out for another box. I want to do one for Christmas, too.
Those of you who know my Mom, you know how talented and crafty she is.
We saw these spooky hands in one of the Halloween mags recently. I have so many right now that I can't remember which one we saw it in. However, we took a pair of vintage white gloves and followed the directions on "How-To." Not a surprise that it did not look like it did in the picture. The fingers were too fat. So, Mom had the idea to stitch the fingers to make them more narrow. Once that was done she put pipe cleaners into each finger to make them bendable. We slightly stuffed it and added the ribbon.
It came out great. Make one to greet your guests and trick or treaters.
This spooky spider is also one of Mom's crocheted creations. This came out so great. Mom can copy and create just about anything crocheted that she sees. She can figure out a pattern and then take off. The thread used on this looks like velvet. The orange thread and beads just pop on this 8 legged creation. She is making more. Can't wait to see them and add some more around the house.
I also started making these witch's potion bottles for my kitchen windowsill.
So, the Halloween crafting continues and it has been fun. I finished my ornaments for Viv's Halloween Ornament Swap. I will share those with you later in the week. Have a great week.


kandeland said...

love all your Halloween creations! and your mom's crocheted spider is so sweet- she's the crochet queen huh? Wishing you a great week..

Tam said...

I love that! It is so awesome! You did a great job!

Lee said...

OH my- all of this is awesome!! I have never been a big Halloween decorator- but these are inspiring... You should be submitting these to Somerset!

Sandy Michelle said...

What a sweet collage! You're so lucky that your Mom is creative too! Have a great week! I am working every day :(

Sandy xoxo