Saturday, September 24, 2011

Last Year's Zine

Lee and I had some fun last year putting together Spring and Fall Zines. It was alot of work but really fun. Here are some of the images that were inside the Zine.
These 2 images were some original artwork done by Lee in a Lyrical Interpretations swap we did. I scanned the artwork and made some enhancements with PSE.
Some French Postcards.
Journaling spot created by Natalea.
It seems the digital zine's are taking over, but I still love holding something in my hands. Maybe we can get a few of us to collaborate on another one?? We'll see.


Sandy Michelle said...

Yeaah great idea girl! Love the images! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sandy xox

kandeland said...

I was just looking at the zines again recently..that was fun! Hope you had a great weekend Tammy, xo