Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Halloween Images to Share...

I have been having a bit of fun with PSE lately and have created some fun Halloween images.
There is a great shop that I tripped over that has great digital scrapbooking layouts and images. It is called Raspberry Road Designs. She has a section of freebies that you can download. Go check it out. Enjoy the Halloween images!



Hey lady!!
I'm so glad you and hubs had a wonderful time and enjoyed each other's company, that's the best gift you can give each other.

The cards are wonderful. I'm thrilled you've taken a shine to PS...i'm still struggling with it an dI forgot I even was in a class..haah all this time and no mojo!!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing girl friend! I love the last picture :)

Sandy xox

vivian said...

glad to see you playing halloween games! love the pics all are awesome!

Lee said...

Awesome!! Someday, I learn how to do all of this! I just pulled ou the Halloween card you sent me last year (or the year before) to start decorating! xo