Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

What an absolutely glorious morning we had today in sunny Georgia. The humidity broke and it was clear and very comfortable. So I grabbed the camera and decided to take some pics of my growing flowers and veggies.
I planted two trays of herbs right outside my kitchen windows. Looks like there is enough basil for my first batch of pesto.
Rosemary, Chives, Flat Leaf parsley and more Basil in this one. Summertime grilling and cooking wouldn't be the same without them.
I think this tomato plant has grown 12 inches in 2 weeks. There is something about this deck. It gets the perfect amount of sun and shade. The cherry tomato plant has tiny tomatoes already and the pepper plant is coming along too!
Big leafy coleus plant holds up great in the summer heat and sun.
This is my 3rd season in this house and I am still trying to establish beds. This one at least has the grass removed this year. We added some border grass which will come back every year and some begonias for the summer.
The palest pink hydrangea. It is really filling out this year. It has 15 blooms on it.
This hosta bed is inside the fence along side the pool. Next year I will have to split them out. They grow so well. Can't have them out front, though. The deer eat them down to the nubs.
Bright pink geraniums hanging from the shepards hook.
My small palm trees took a real beating this winter. We had 2 weeks straight of freezing weather and even some snow. This palm has sprouted new palm frands much faster then than the other ones. They look like they are all going to make it.
The next thing to bloom are my daylilies. This one has red flowers.
I so enjoy watching and tending to all these lovely plants and veggies. I will share with you my first batch of tomatoes when they are ready for picking. I hope you are enjoying the gardens and flowers around you this time of year.


Tam said...

YOUR GARDEN is growing beautifully! I love your herbs! You know I loved this post very much!

natalea said...

everything looks beautiful Tammy! I am a garden fanatic! and having fresh herbs growing is a must-isn't it?! I have been loving my garden these last few weeks...fly up for a week in July and we'll go on the Buffalo Garden Walk!
xo nat

Lululiz said...

I have just been looking at your photos with awe ( and a teeny bit of envy, lol, in the nicest possible way ), what a beautiful garden!

Sugar Bear said...

My oh my everything is gorgeous! I'm going to get out and plant this Friday - taking a day off and everything! We've had some cool nights so had to put it off for a bit. Everything looks fabulous in your yard and fresh herbs are the best!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Oh Tammy- I am SO jealous. It's still very cool, and not a single flower! bummer. xxoo

Dorthe said...

Dear Tammy, even winning your`s and Lee`s zine, on Lee`s giveaway, I want to thankyou ,you too-
You made a very lovely little spring zine,-so full of small directions, quotes, beautifull photoes, and lovely stories.You made your dream come true, and showed us ,that it is possible for a dream to be real.
Thanks for that.
I love your wonderfull spring photoes.
xo Dorthe

Cassie Shella said...

Thank you so much for the tour of your garden! It has been cold here most of May so things have been slow to bloom. We finally had some warm weather this weekend. Your flowers are beautiful...


We are not even going to dicuss my gardening skills- or lack there of! Girl this is awesome- truly a talent. It all looks good.