Wednesday, May 12, 2010

California Dreamin'

As I have mentioned, my hubby and I have been spending time working in California, each taking 2 weeks at a time. I am happy to say that the project is coming to an end after 10 weeks. It went really great. It was good to get back to work. We took Shelby out there over a weekend so we could all spend some much needed time together. Before we left, we went to Disco for Dads night at the school.
As you can see, she was ready to rock out!
Here she is with her gal pals. Future trouble standing here!
You think you know your children, especially at 4 1/2 yrs old, but I had no idea that this child could really dance. She has great rhythm and likes to shake what her Mama gave her. Needless to say the boys were attracted to her energy and that pink tutu skirt.
The event was really fun and by 8 pm she needed to be carried out of there.
California sunshine. The weather was lovely that weekend, but it was breezy and only in the mid 60's. Chilly for southern California. We drove from Irvine to Laguna Beach to have lunch at this lovely resort.
This is the Montage. It is set on the cliffs of the ocean in Laguna Beach. It was breathtaking. At 600.00 a night, enjoying the view and some lunch was going to have to do. It was fantastic.
This is the view of the pool from upstairs in the hotel.
We enjoyed a yummy lunch on this patio overlooking the ocean. Shelby was a doll and let Mom and Dad have a relaxing afternoon. After lunch we walked down to the ocean among these beautiful flowers.
These purple flowers lined the pathway to the beach. They had the most wonderful fragrance.
You can tell I missed Shelby. I spent the whole weekend holding her I think.
We did finally make it down to the water after stopping every 2 feet to take pictures of the flowers. When we got down there, there was this big seal sunning it self on the rocks. It was amazing to see that.
We did go to the San Diego Zoo to see more seals, this time not in the wild. It did not have the same effect.
Thanks for a great weekend, honey! It looks like we are going to be home for a little while. (I am keeping my fingers crossed) There will probably be more work out there, but hopefully we can stay home all summer. It is truly beautiful on the West Coast. I look forward to going back.


Sugar Bear said...

Such gorgeous stunning photos! I've never been to CA but want to definitely get there someday. Shelby looks happy to be with mama!

Tam said...

I love YOUR pictures! What a LOVELY TRIP!

That Disco with Dad looks like a blast!

She is truly beautiful! I LOVE that TUTU!

Del said...

It was so reminiscent and enjoyable to see your CA pictures. Hank & I lived in San Diego when we were first married, and we lived right up the street from San Diego Zoo. We visited it frequently, since that was one of the few luxuries we could afford on Navy pay 56 years ago! Whenever we went to Laguna Beach our lunch experience was a little different. We packed it ourselves and sat on a blanket in the sand...LOL!!! We've never returned, but still hope to some day. Glad Shelby got to experience such a fun time with you and Don...your little dancing queen.

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness Tammy!!!! Shelby looks so grownie!!! And look at her shakin' her little behind...It looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend together Tammy ~ the photos are just gorgeous. I'm glad you're going to get to stay home awhile, enjoy your pretty pool and your sweet baby ~ I hope you're having a great week dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

great great post- lovely photos- and the new T is to die for!! Maybe we should put a $600/night hotel on our to-do list! LOL. xoxo

Tam said...

Got the ZINE today! LOVE LOVE IT! I so sat in car line and wanting to run home and wipe the dust off of all my stuff and DO something...but I just do not know what I wanted to do but I did go through paper and may have a few ideas coming is all because of your Zine and the fact that there has been some LIGHT here! HUGS

SherryRoseBella said...

Tammy, it was so good to run into you the other day! You look fantastic,lady! Shelby is a sweet little doll and of course, your mom is always so nice and friendly! Please, let's get together really soon & catch up.
I love all the pictures you have posted!

Trishia said...

I have cabin fever SO bad:) Your photos fueled the fire. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!