Monday, May 24, 2010

Ballerina Pup!

It was Shelby's first dance recital this past weekend and she was a Nana Pup from the Peter Pan story. The young dancers had a 20 minute performance of Peter Pan. There were crocodiles, butterflies, fairies and of course, Peter Pan himself.
Is this costume just too much or what?
She just loved dancing this year and despite their young age, they really learned to be graceful. Here she is getting into character.
Each little one was assigned a buddy for the recital. This is Faith and Shelby was just in awe of her.
Daddy and Mommie had flowers for our little ballerina.
What a happy smile. I wish this was clearer, but I love seeing her joy.
We took the little pup home and celebrated her big debut with a cake, balloons and presents. She looks way too grown up here. I think this is going to be her thing, dancing. She truly shines.


natalea said...

how sweet! ahhh...this really is the best age! xo

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

She is SO sweet!! I can't wait to find the "thing" for each of my boys!! xoxo

Sugar Bear said...

Oh she is just adorable! I can imagine your joy as you watched her dance.

Tam said...

OH HOW CUTE! LOVE the costume! Love that you shared these wonderfull pictures with US!