Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can you say Chocovine?

We had a little group therapy last night! The group was made up of our circle of friends and the therapy was sampling 8 different wines. We started our couples night last night at a place called Wine Styles.
This is a little place in Macon that sells wines and has a boutique of fun gifts and trinkets you can purchase as well. They also do wine tastings. For $10.00 a person, you get 8 generously sized selections of wine and also some cheese and toasted rounds to make the tasting a party. We tasted 3 whites, 1 rose', 3 reds and 1 dessert wine.
As you can see we had a blast. All of the wines were enjoyed, but this group is definitely a white wine crowd. It was fun to learn about each of the wines, the regions they were from, what grapes they were made from, etc. The men in our group stepped up the questions and were giving our wine steward a run for his money.
This was one of my favorites. It was a very light Pinot Noir and of course I loved the label. It went for 30.00 a bottle so I got to admire the bottle and left it on the shelf. Maybe for a special occassion.
This was the crowd favorite by far! This is a dessert wine made in Holland that is a chocolate and red wine concoction that is labeled Chocovine. It is so delicious that you want to break etiquette and lick the inside of the glass to get every last bit of it. This is priced at 13.99 a bottle which we thought was really reasonable. It is served chilled. It would be great over ice cream or in coffee. We are definitely going back to get some for the holidays! Yum.
It was an hour later and we were definitely warmed up to continue our evening out together.
In the same shopping plaza as Wine Styles is a Japanese Steakhouse called Taki. We all sat around the hibachi and had sushi and lots of seafood and filet mignon. Everything was delicious. This is such a great group of people and we all have such a time laughing and chatting. It is wonderful to have people you can lean on, laugh with and help to forget about things for awhile. It truly is group therapy. I am so grateful to have them in my life. These gals get me, tolerate me, cherish me and I them, more than they know!
Hopefully we can get together again before Christmas. Whatever we do , I am sure it will be memorable.


natalea said...

what a fun time out!!!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

niiiiiiiiiiice, love me some wine. miss u.

Tam said...

CHOCOVINE...YUM! That is what I am talking about! LOL Sounds like a great night out! What fun! You guys have the best time up there.