Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm In Baby!!!

I have been tracking this on-line series of classes since Susan Tuttle announced it! The registration opened up this past Saturday night at 9pm. I looked down at my watch at 9:30 and ran to my computer to sign up. I made it in the first 30. I am so excited.

The first class dates are September 21 - October 18. We are going to learn photomanipulation techniques with Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.

Here's what we will be doing each week:

Week 1: We will begin by learning how to alter digital photos in order to give them a retro/vintage style.

Week 2: Teach several ways to create diffused light effects in your photos.

Week 3: Explore converting our color digital images to black and white and sepia toned images.

Week 4: Apply textures to our photos, creating cool grungy and distressed effects. One of the activities will teach you how to create faux TtVs ('through the viewfinder" photos)

This class is currently full, but she will be offering it again.

Stay tuned to see some of my creations.


Laurie said...

Oh, lucky you! I can't wait to see what you learn to do!

Sugar Bear said...

Sounds fabulous! I've been wanting to get PS Elements, it is on my Christmas list! You are going to learn so many wonderful things I'm sure!

natalea said...

ooh! sounds wonderful!

Ember said...

I am so jealous. This sounds like a class I would love and need to do. Definitely show us how it goes.


wow? I'm must check out all the coolness--lucky girl!!

Hey I loved your text!! We should of timed crossing paths on I95!!!!
Be safe out there girl--ohhhh did you see my daily grind? he-he ok it's not funny!!

Susan Tuttle said...

Yahooo! I am so happy you are in Tammy!

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!!