Sunday, August 9, 2009

Celebrating Mom!

We took a break from the house packing to celebrate Mom's birthday with a surprise tea lunch with several of her friends. Mom was so surprised and excited to have the time with her gal pals. She is sad to be leaving all of them, so she really enjoyed these few hours of chatting and laughing and shedding a few tears.
This is one of our all time favorite places to sit and linger a bit. Country By The Sea is a wonderful antiques and tea room right up the street from the beach in Avon.
Del is on the left of this photo and has been one of Mom's dearest friends. She spends most of her time in Florida so Mom will actually be much closer to her once she moves to GA. Del is a wonderful crafter, painter and paper artist and has made so many wonderful things for Mom over the years. The lady on the right side of the photo is Joanne and she was our neighbor for many years. Her daughter and I were childhood friends. Mom and Joanne have been friends for almost 40 years. "It takes a long time to grow and old friend."
Here are the party girls. From left to right: Maryanne, Del, Me, Mom, Joanne, Gail and Amy (my sister in law). We all had herbal iced tea and these yummy tea sandwiches.
We enjoyed our lunch and then sang Happy Birthday!
It was great to see Mom so happy. I hope I look as good as she does at 66!!
The birthday cake was her favorite; lemon tea cake with whipped cream. It was delicious.
We finished the party with some favors for her family and friends. Gail made the pretty nose gays and poem and I made the picture collage of Mom as a memento. It was a terrific day and Mom really needed the time to relax. Their house is almost empty and they have been working so hard to pack up after 40 years in this house.
After many truck loads to the storage place and too many boxes to count, they are almost done. They have 2 weeks left and they will finish packing the last minute things, spend time visiting friends that they won't see for awhile and of course spend time remembering the house that we all grew up in. It's been a good house, a safe place, a comfortable place that all of us have enjoyed. We will miss the old place, but it is on to new. It is going to be an exciting new chapter for both of them and we know it will be great!!! We can't wait for you to get to GA. I have waited a long time to have you both close again.


Del said...

It was such a delightful afternoon celebrating my dearest friend. Oh dear, my tears are flowing here...'nuff said! Love, Del

Angela said...

I for one can't wait for all of you to be in Ga!! Y'all have a safe trip and call me when you get here!!

MommaRu said...

With all of my heart, "Thank you, Thank you" for all of your love and caring and generosity to me and to Dad. I can't wait to be near to my Best Friend in the world, you, Tammy.

I am surely Blessed with my dear friends in life. It makes the "road", easier to travel.
Love you, Mom

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Tammy, please tell MommaRu I said Happy Birthday!!!! I know you all must be SO excited to get your parents down to Georgia....the beginning of many more wonderful memories. You're so sweet to have had this special birthday gathering for your mom...I know she must have just loved it!!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Sugar Bear said...

What a wonderful celebration! Your mom looks fabulous!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

what a wonderful celebration!


***HAPpY BiRthDaY ***
to your special mom!!!

She is a true delight-- I am so happy for you that she will be living so close to you!! What a perfect set-up for you all.

Ohhh I'm a bit envious of Dawn and Angela too--they get to share in that close proxy--grrr!!! LOL

PS...ahhh I'm jealous of your tan too!!!

CINNIBONBON said... MommaRu

natalea said...

Aw! I just love your mom! She's seriously the sweetest mom out there! xo natalea