Saturday, July 18, 2009

It Feels Like Home to Me

This is my childhood home. It has been many, many years since I lived here and much has changed. The home that Mom and Dad built at 1011 Fairview Drive will always be a special place. We arrived last Sunday to visit with my family and friends.
This house is such a reflection of my mother and who she is. All of the little details and things she has brought to it.
Dad and my brother Dave built this gazebo for my Mother many years ago. It is so lovely and welcoming. From the light blue ceiling to the chandelier hanging over head you just want to sit here and linger for awhile.
We all met as a family that Sunday when we arrived. Here are the guys. From left to right, my baby brother, Dave, my older brother, Donnie, my husband, Don, our good friend Bob and my Dad, Don. Yes, lots of Don's in the family!
I brought my large pot and burner and cooked a low country boil for everyone. We tried to bring a little bit of south home.
Shelby enjoyed her older cousins, Josh and Emma in Mom's pool.
The one thing I wanted to do most when I went back home was to go to the beach. So much of my childhood and teenage years were spent at the beach. It brought back so many memories. Here is Shelby and Mom. They are inseparable when they are together.
Keeping my Dad on the beach for half a day was a challenge. He loves the ocean, but can't sit still. He was a real trooper for us.
Here is Sissy, soaking up some sun!
I let hubby take my picture and as you can see I cropped the bottom half off! So the head shot will have to do!
The castle builder.
My brother Dave treated all of the kids and us adults to a day at the Seaside Boardwalk. It is full of amusements, food and rides. Everyone had a fun time.
Who doesn't love the carousel?
Our last day we spent at an old beach town called Ocean Grove. This town somehow got stuck in time and stayed a slow, quaint breezy place to visit.
There is a lot of history about this place, but the really cool thing about Ocean Grove is the community of summer tents. These tents are setup every Spring and they are rented out for the summer.
They have a wooden floor and are separated out into 2 rooms. There is a small kitchen and bathroom in the back and the front portion of the tent is the living space. As you can see, some people make a lovely place to stay for the summer. There is a really long waiting list to rent and some have passed down their spot from generation to generation.
I lived about 45 minutes away all of those years and never knew it existed. What a great experience to see this town.
My little trooper. She is such a good traveller and was so good about us dragging her from place to place.
After 10 days it was time to head home. We headed back down I-95 and stopped at South of the Border for Lunch before we turned west onto I-20. Shelby got a kick out of the hotdog. We also made a short stop in Virginia to see a wonderful friend. I will post about that soon.
It was a wonderful trip to see our family and the next time I am in Toms River will probably be to help Mom and Dad pack up. The house is up for sale. I hope that it goes soon so they can move down here to GA to be with us. Until then, we will call Mimi and Pa everyday and look forward to more good times ahead.



Oh I miss you so much already! I didn't want you to leave--I wanted to steal you and your family away. If Luz can't go to GA then the peaches must come to VA!!!! I need to start playing the lotto--in hopes of getting myself down there.he-he

Girl...those are some awesome memories. I loved that you were able to get Shelby back there before you folks sell that charming home. Although, I do hope that is real soon though! Ahhh...I can totally see your mom's touch all over that house. That's going to be tough to let it go--I bet.

You're too cute in that swim suit. You so should show that hot body though.

LOL..I love that big hot dog--too much fun!

Ok love---hugs and kisses to all and tell them that I love and miss them so much!!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Wow! I have been off the computer 3 weeks and have returned to a plethoria of missed posts! You have had a busy summer. What family fun ya'll have had.
You parent's home is beautiful!
Best wishes to Shelby in her new school - still in disbelief how early school starts here in Ga.

MommaRu said...

So loved your post of your time spent here at home. We did have a great time all together again.

On to making new memories and having new adventures and a new place to call, Home.....

Thanks so much for the precious gift of you and Don and Shelby and our Judy, too!

Love you and miss you, Mom

The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post Tammy!!!! Your mom's home is just lovely....I know she was over the moon happy to have you all there and Shelby looks like she had such a great time! ~ it's times like these that make the best memories ever!!! Please tell MommaRu and sweet Judy I said hello ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Angela said...

Such a fun trip!! but I for one am glad that you are home, I have a day planned for us already...we just have to get these kids back in school.

I love the pics of your time spent with your mom and dad, I know it was hard to leave but hopefully they will be here before you know it! As soon as MommaRu gets here we have to all get together again and then I have to look for a house out there!
glad to see you home.

Sugar Bear said...

That gazebo is fabulous! Love how it is off the front of the house. Great spot to perch and watch the world go by!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Leaving home is so bittersweet at times. I love yor parents house- having spent a fair amount of time there in our college days. The house is a good one- and the next family will be very lucky. It was a wonderful post, and makes me wonder how I'll feel when we leave for Maine? But, I know how happy Chris is about going home. I love all of the photos- you are one hot babe!