Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New England Charm

We left home last Tuesday and traveled north 1107 miles to Providence, RI to spend the first part of our holiday visiting with Don's son Corwin and daughter-in-law Erin. We always enjoy New England and it is was so good to see the "kids". This is their pretty little home in North Providence. I love the shutters with the sea green paint and orange sea shells.
We decided to spend our first full day in Boston at the Museum of Science.
They had lots of great things for the little ones to do and see.
Shelby was very interested and wanted to touch everything, of course. Her favorite and ours was the butterfly garden.
There were so many butterflies flying all around us. Some were even landing on us.
Here they are on Erin. We think they were attracted to her green jacket.
This butterfly is called an Owl Butterfly.
I took so many pictures of the butterflies. They were all so unique and wonderful to watch.
We enjoyed the city and then left to go to Foxborough to the New England Patriots Stadium. Anyone who really knows my hubby, knows how much he loves football and his Patriots!
What a phenomenal place. It is not only a stadium and sports store, but a complex that has a huge movie theater, restaurants and stores.
Corwin stood up above and took a pic of Don and I on this patch of astro turf.
This was as close as we could get to the field. It is a beautiful stadium.
This is the Patriot Place store. Don was like a kid in a candy store!
How cool is this. Even in a sports store I can find something vintage!!
It was great to be able to visit the stadium with Don and see him enjoy it. We then picked the CBS Bar and restaurant upstairs and celebrated Corwin's 31st birthday.
It was a cool, but pretty evening to eat on the outdoor patio.
My daughter-in law Erin and my stepson Corwin.
Father and Son. Don is so proud of Corwin. He is a wonderful son and brother. We miss him everyday. It was a wonderful day we all spent together.
We headed out the next day with Corwin to Newport and Jamesport, RI.
We stopped for lunch and of course had to have some New England Clam Chowder. Can you say Chowda???
Of course Corwin knows where to find the best. We had lunch outside at the Black Dog Cafe. Lunch was great with mudslides, chowder, and sandwiches.
Me and the man.
Shelby and Aunt Judy.
We strolled around Newport for awhile and enjoyed the sites. This town is true Americana.
With full bellies we headed off to Jamestown to enjoy the lighthouse and the bluffs.
Absolutely no fear in this child. She just wanted to take off on these jagged rocks to see it all.
Her brother had all to do to keep up with her.
I forgot to pack my rock climbing shoes!
What a lovely sea town.
To finish out our visit , we went to Federal Hill in Providence to a cafe called Pastiche for coffee and some goodies.
This street in Providence is lined with Italian restaurants, cafe's, deli's and shops. This is still the best place I have ever been for Italian food!
We arrived close to 9pm and it was very busy. We waited outside for a table. Judy and Erin sitting under that gorgeous flower box.
It was sooooooo worth the wait!!!!! Yum.
We enjoyed some wonderful coffee and outstanding desserts. Shelby enjoyed eating her way through all of the icing on that chocolate layer cake.
This was my choice. A lemon custard tart with blackberry sauce. Just delicious.
We had a great time visiting and seeing a small part of New England. We are off to Toms River, NJ next to see my family. I will be back to show you some more of our summer road trip.



Oooo Tammy-- These are some beautiful pictures. Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time. Corwin's family and home are so adorable too.

Hi Miss Judy!

Vintage? Ha-ha -ha...only you!!!!
I sure can't wait. I'll see you real soon. Have a safe trip back South.

Sugar Bear said...

Fun! You were only about two hours away from me. I love Newport. The mansions are my favorite.

Laurie said...

Oh I love that neck of the woods! Thank you for giving me a glimpse!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

hwy girl- back in my old stomping grounds. Oh, I miss Boston- sometimes! LOL. Great photos. Looks like you had a great time. Chris was in Toms River on Tuesday- he should've looked you up! Glad you had fun, xoxo

Stephenie said...

What a pretty post..Just loooove all the pretty butterflies..It's always fun spending time with family..That little Shelby is a doll...

SherryRoseBella said...

Such a beautiful place! So glad you are having a wondeful vacation with your family. Shelby is precious! I am still here in FL enjoying the beach view.
When you call next week be sure to call my cell#. I am looking forward to hearing from you & catching up!

MommaRu said...

It was fun visiting with Corwin and Erin through your photos and commentery. They both look great!Shelby is surrounded by so much love....well deserved!

Have fun with Luz, Dennis and Loren, at dinner. We miss you all, already. Safe ride home.
Love you, Mom

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Tammy, I am having so much fun tagging along on your vacation. I am seeing some new places for me. And I really enjoyed the lemon tart. :) Where are we going next?

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What amazing pictures...your right...their cottage is adorable with the aqua shutters and shells.

vivian said...

looks like you had a great time. Ive never been to new england and really want to go there some time. love your pictures!
have a great weekend!

natalea said...

How wonderful! what a special time you all had- great pics!
xo natalea