Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day With Our Little Princess!

Our home in Gray, Georgia to Disney World is now only a 6 hour drive. So Mom and I packed up the car along with Shelby Girl and spent 2 days with Mickey. We left on Sunday and spent Monday at the Magic Kingdom. Here is her highness, Princess Shelby.

The weather was perfect at 73 degrees F, but the SpringBreak crowd had started to build this week. Despite the crowd we had a great time. After 2 days we had enough fun and enough of keeping up with a 2 year old.

We spent day 2 at the Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

These pictures were taken at City Hall in the Magic Kingdom.

Getting a picture of the castle free of the passing crowd is rare. This picture came out so great.

Mimi and Shelby waiting for the SpectroMagic parade to start.

All worn out! Dreaming of our next trip already.


Susan Tuttle said...

Shelby is such an angel - I can tell that she has a lot of personality!

How wonderful that Disney World is just a car's drive away - what a magical place! What a special time!



Shelby is one lucky girl I've not had the chance to take my kiddo and she's already going to be 14...
I love that castle photo, that is just amazing and so perfect you were able to capture that without people. Very nice.
BTW you are so right, those pink shoes rock, I would love to own them..but they are very expensive. WOW.

Del said...

Glad to see that you gals got your annual Disney "fix". Oh ... and Shelby too ! ! ! LOL

Anonymous said...

love the photos- wish I had been there! xo Lee

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for the Memories", Tammy and Shelby. Loved our time together. Here's to our next adventure.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for the Memories", Tammy and Shelby. Loved our time together. Can't wait until our next adventure.