Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rocks Aren't Just for Little Boys

Since we first moved into the house, Shelby has been fascinated with the little lake in our back yard. It has made us extremely diligent in always double locking all doors. But when we get a chance to go out and play on nice days like these, the ritual is to look for the biggest rocks we can find. To do what with you might say? Throw them into the lake, what else.

This one was so big the water splashed up on to her jacket and pants. It of course got her all dirty. Mom has never been really good at letting Shelby get dirty. She was having so much fun, I just let it ride.

I love these days. Shelby just runs and runs without a care in the world. I hope we can keep it that way for a very long time!


Anonymous said...

very sweet- the boys can teach her a thing or two about getting dirty!

love, Me


What a nice backyard...I'm glad you are able to enjoy it with your little one.
As for eyelashing batting problem I can show you any time!!! LOL..But I have to tell you, I let him have it slowly, after all these years he still doesn't know what hit you'll have to spring it slowly on yours!!!