Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bunny Fun

The cute little girl in my Easter banner above is none other than my mother. She recently gave me a whole bunch of old photos of herself and my grandparents. They are so wonderful to have. I really enjoy trying to make new banners, but it definitely takes some skill and lots of practice. We are busy getting ready for Easter around here. I'm on deck for Shelby's school party next week, so we have gotten lots of goodies to have an egg hunt. I now have to stuff these plastic eggs with treats. yeah!
I have also been asked by my friend Annette, to help her with some handmade Easter cards. We will be doing those tomorrow so they actually have a chance to reach her family. Something has happened to time as I have gotten older. It moves way to fast!
Easter will be a quiet holiday. We will have our Easter egg hunt in the front yard with Shelby and then I will have Don's family for an Easter brunch. (I'll be trying Lee's Easter Brunch Casserole recipe this year!) Then later in the day, we will be at my SIL Judy's house for dinner. What will you all be doing this year?
I have tried to go easy on the chocolate candy this Easter. I can't afford anymore weight. I love crafting etc., but I am getting such the spread from all of the sitting. I HAVE to get back to walking!

Have a great day, everyone. Miss You All!

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