Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Savannah

 I have been to Savannah quite a few times now and every time I visit, I so enjoy the views and smells and how southern it is.  Sandy and I did a very quick tour and there is so much to see, it is definitely a 2 day thing. But we pushed to see as much of the highlights as we could.  Our favorite store Home Vintage General has closed its doors for good.  It was very disappointing not being able to take Sandy there.  So we went down Broughton Street and went to the Paris Market.  They always have the best windows and displays.
 Religious displays and items for purchase were a very prominent theme at Paris Market.  Also, small decorated trophies were popular.  Have to start looking for old trophies while junkin'.
 After lunch and the trolley tour we decided to end the day at "Back In the Day Bakery."
 I have always wanted to visit.  It is very vintage and quaint, but the neighborhood that it stands in is not so great.  I was constantly watching out for my Mercedes on the street. Too Bad.
 Here is Miss Sandy checking out the menu and trying to decide.

 I decided to have a piece of Espresso cheesecake and a latte.  Yum!!
 I came home with this little treat.  Sandy bought this for me for my birthday.  We found these wine glasses done by Sally Jean at the Savannah Bee Company.  Love it!!!  Every girl should have one of these while they are crafting away in their studio.  Of course with their favorite vino!  Thanks Sandy.
I made a few purchases.  I came home with a Paula Dean T-shirt and a Georgia themed tea-towel that I have already made into a pillow for my camper.  Thanks for a wonderful visit Sandy.  I had a blast!!!!


Grace said...

what a fabulous time! What great presents and treats. Grace xoox

Sandy Camarda said...

I wish I was there right now...I am still wondering what the deal was with that Copp at the!

Sandy xox

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