Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Goodies

Each year a small group of us does a Halloween Ornament Swap.  My Halloween tree in my studio is filling up nicely.  It is really fun to remember what these girls have made throughout the years and when I look at the ornaments I am reminded of their friendship.  I put this image together as a tag for my ornaments.  Please go ahead and copy at will if you would like!
 This was my creation this year. It is a sparkly pumpkin head on a decorated stick.  It looks like a shaker of sorts.
 They were fun to make and short of buying the pumpkin heads from the $1 bin at Michaels I had all the other supplies in the studio.  I wish I could do that more often.  I could start to get rid of some of the stuff I have amassed. 
 These were the sweet packages that came from the Girls!  Each so pretty and unique, just like them!!
 This fun creation was made by Grace. It is a little shadow box with a sweet Halloween girl.
 The little one on the pumpkin under the button tree was created by Natalea.
 This glitzy spider with the silvery legs crawled all the way from Viv's place.
 Lovin' the use of the wire this Halloween!  Sandy made this "Owloween" treat!!  Way too clever you girls!!!  Speaking of sweet Sandy, she will be here in GA next week!!  Wow that has gone super fast.  We will be having all kinds of Halloween fun.  We will be sure to share all the treats and places we travel to.  I am still waiting for Cedric the Gnome to arrive.  He will be coming along too!!


vivian said...

I love all our ornies from the past few years! I think I need another tree! but i'm about out of room here!
have a great week

Grace said...

I love your pumpkinfaker shaker wand! Soo adorable. It was so much fun doing a swap. I was not even going to decorate this year. I hope all is well. OOOh next week you have Sandy and the Country Living Fair. How wonderful. Grace xoox

Sandy Camarda said...

I agree that your shaker was adorable! I am trying to use up what I have here as well- rather than buying more supplies. Cedric and I can't wait to see you again in just one week!!!!

Sandy xox