Monday, October 15, 2012

A Really Sweet Weekend!!!!

 It was a day that me and my family will remember for a long time to come.  My oldest Brother, Donnie has finally found some peace, true joy, happiness and love.  After just turning 50, he has proven that you are never too old to be happy or to start your life a new.
 Donnie and Karleen were married on Saturday in South Jersey.  It was a beautiful Fall day.  The ceremony and reception were held at a restaurant on the water called Antoinette's.  We stood outside for the ceremony on a lot of beach sand overlook the bay.  There were approximately 30 of us.  It was very casual as we all stood around and watched and listened to their vows.  Donnie and Karleen each wrote their vows and there was not a dry eye around.  They both had to stop several times to compose themselves.  Even their children who stood up all around them were in tears.
 As part of the ceremony Donnie and Karleen wanted to symbolize the joining of themselves as well as their 5 children.  They bought a glass urn. Each child along with Don and Kar picked a color of sand that they would add to the jar.  That color represents each of them as part of the family yet remaining unique and important.
 From oldest to youngest they each layered their sand on top of the others making a unique combination and committing themselves to being a part of their new family.  It was such a special and unique way to display the joining of families.  We loved it!!!!
 Here is their new family.  From left to right, my nephew Jason, my nephew Donald, my brother Donnie, Karleen's daughter, Jen, my new SIL Karleen, Karleen's daughter Vicky and my niece, Maria.
 The restaurant was fab and we sat upstairs overlooking the water.  It was bright and sunny and the water sparkled like diamonds. 
 Me and my man with the bride and groom.
 Our sweet Shelby Love with the bride's flowers.  The kids had a ball.  They played inside and out the entire time.
Donnie and Karleen are spending their honeymoon on a cruise to Bermuda.  I am so happy for them both.  Bon Voyage!!!!! We love you.


vivian said...

hi Tammy, what a great way to symbolize the joining of the families. The newlyweds look very happy. My brother is 51 and presently alone and never been married. breaks my heart really. I do believe there is someone for everyone.. just not sure how some people are to find each other!
Shelby is getting sooo big and beautiful!
I know Sandy will soon be on her way.. have fun!

Lee said...

Awesome- great post!!