Monday, October 8, 2012


 It was a beautiful Fall weekend here in Central Georgia and the perfect time to take Rosie out for her first glamping trip!!!  We went to Indian Springs State Park and Campground.  Here is Rosie in all her glory.  And finally, the inside of Rosie and what I have done so far!!  Enjoy..
 I was so excited when people kept driving by and asking questions about her and telling us how sweet she is  We were so proud.  Some people asked to take pictures of her.  This is her pretty awning.

 Mom crocheted the lovely bunting you see hanging.  It has all the colors that I used inside.  It is just the right size and length to use both inside and out!!  Thanks Mom.  It it perfect!!
 Here is my sweet S using her computer.  Like father like daughter!!
 Of course our dog Sweetie had to come.  I think she was a little shell shocked.  Don and I went to 3 Walmart's to find the 4 red chairs.  Since Halloween and Christmas decorations are all over the store we had to dig for these outdoor folding chairs.  But by waiting I got them for $7 each.  I would really like to find a light weight sofa I can travel with and put outside to decorate with.  The little white table I found junkin' a few months ago.
 This is the back of the camper.  It pulls out to make a generous full sized bed.  Plenty of room for two.  We covered the original cushions with this pastel quilt I found in California last year.  It fits perfect and Mom found a way to tuck it in all over so we didn't need to cut it to work.  Now I can take it off and clean it whenever I need to.
 When I am not using the little white table outside, it fits along the side as a little night stand.  The ladder leads up to a top bunk.
 This is a picture of the front of the camper.  We covered the cushions is a light blue and gray fabric.  You can see how I use Mom's bunting on the inside for decoration when she is parked at home.  I still have to add ruffles to the 2 side curtains to complete all the curtains.  The front curtain I did a bit differently.  I sewed vintage hankies all along the curtains.  It is so soft and pretty.  I love how it came out.  The decorative shelf was originally there but we added the scalloped trim to it to give it style!!  You can see all the goodies I have on top.  However, when we move the camper it all has to come down.
 This picture is along the one side of the camper and what you see when you enter.  We painted all of the appliances light blue.  The stove and oven work, but the refrigerator needs work.  Don is going to see if he can breathe some life into or not.
 Loving my little canister set from Kath Kidston!
The carpet I have in there is not what I want long term.  I have been looking for the right colored remnant but no luck.  However, before we left to go camping I remembered a piece of carpet that we had left when we carpeted my studio.  It was large enough to cover the entire floor.  So at least the ugly floor is covered and clean until I find the right thing.
Here is the upper bunk.  Mom covered the cushion with pink chenille.  S loves this spot.  It is great to storing the pillows and sleeping bags when we travel.  Well, this is my sweet Rosie!!!  I have a few more throw pillows I want to make to scatter around and to finish the curtains.  Then she is pretty much done.  I am really looking forward to taking her on day excursions and crafting at a pretty spot!!  My little studio on wheels.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh my goodness Tammy!!!! Rosie is just PRECIOUS!!! You have transformed her into something so wonderful....I bet you DID get a lot of compliments and lookers ~ You truly did a beautiful job. I think it's just perfect for the three of you too! I love the touches your mom added, she's such an angel. I hope you are doing so good, thank you for sharing your beautiful Rosie with us! hugs and love, Dawn

kandeland said...

very cute Tammy! love the blue stove, and tell your mom that fabulous bunting is awesome! it pulls the look together perfectly!
enjoy your camping excursions...xo

Lee said...

That's it- I'm comng to live in Rosie!! Love each and every detail. You have an amazing eye!! xo

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

This is absolutely adorable! I hope you make some wonderful memories with her!