Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Meet Halloween Rosie!  I found this image and thought of my sweet Rosie.  This is what she would look like for Halloween.  This was Rosie's first Halloween Party.  We had to spend some time with her this weekend.  Sandy arrived from Toronto on Thursday and it was just one big party all weekend!
 We started out with a little Halloween soiree with the Glamper!  The awning was put out with her chairs and a table full of treats.
 It was really warm on Thursday.  The sun cut right across and we were trying to find the shade.  My gal pals were Sandy, Judy, Carla and Mom.
 Here is the goody table.  I made this BOO banner out of burlap.  It was super easy painting on the burlap.  As porous as the fabric is, I thought it would not do well.  I have to make more things!!!
 I made a Halloween Wreath for the Glamper.  Here is Rosie with her pumpkins!!
 After snacks with Rosie, we had a quick dinner and headed upstairs to my studio for a fun Halloween art project.  Sandy was a fab teacher and showed us how to make our very own ugly dolls.  She had a fun kit put together for us and off we went.  We each went off to our respective tables and just started cutting and sewing.
 Here is the start of my ugly doll.
Mom was on a roll with her doll.
 Here is Judy giving the sewing machine a work out.  It was really fun to see how each of us made our dolls ugly.
 From left to right we have: Franken-senseless, One-eyed Floozy, Lucy-Fer, Vampira, and Madame Voodoo!  This is how we ended our dolls on Thursday night.  We still had to give them the grunge sauce and bake them.  It was late so we decided to finish up Friday night after CLF.
 We decided to do a little Halloween goody swap.  This was Sandy's gift to all of us.  Sandy printed these bags on the printer first then added the large dots.  I can't wait to try that.  We all loved the tiny witches flying on the ravens.  Way creative as always!!
 My buddy Luz may not have been present this year, but she was there with us in our hearts!  She surprised us and sent us treats!! You rock girl.
 Mom's crocheted pumpkins.  They are so pretty with all the details.
 Judy made us candy bouquets.  They had black flowers and candy blooms as well.
 The talented Carla made us these hanging candy corn.
 It was a crafty Halloween party for sure.  Here are a few pics of my studio.

It was off to bed to get up early for the Country Living Fair.  I will show you those pictures tomorrow.  Head over to Sandy's blog and check out all her wonderful pictures!!


Sandy Camarda said...

Oh how I wish I were still there! I had the best time ever!!!

Sandy xox

vivian said...

I'm glad you had such fun! I love your camper. I need to make an ugly doll now.. like if I didnt have to go to work today.. Id be home making one!!
Happy Halloween miss Tammy!

kandeland said...

glad you girls had fun! have fun tonight w/ Shelby! happy halloween, xo nat

lfoster said...

Oh what a fun time!! I'm sorry I missed out.

Those are some fun treats and the class on the ugly doll looked amazing. I'd love to learn to make a character myself. I love the Lucy-fer name!!! Of course I think I would of used that name also...luzifer!!

Hugs to all..love and miss you

Happy Halloween

Lee said...

Hey- love the camper and all the Halloween goodies!! My fave is the ugly head wreath!!