Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What Makes a Southern Woman?

Being Southern is a state of mind. I think that is true of anywhere you live. If you immerse yourself in your surroundings, the local people and the culture, you can be in a state of mind that makes you feel connected. I have been here in the south for 5 years already and it is hard to remember being anywhere else. Sissy Spacek was interviewed in Southern Living magazine this month and she said what makes a woman southern is "it's about having a home and family at the center of your world." I read the article and it was a great reminder. No matter what we are doing or working on or preoccupied by, family and home are the things that hold us together. For there is nothing else without those.
Do I think that I am a southern woman? I like to think that I am a melange of many places I have lived and loved. I am an AmeriCanadian that stills says eh and y'all maybe even in the same sentence. Yes, I am getting a southern accent and my friends and family like to pick on me about it. But I am loving this hot weather, slower pace, kinder people, great BBQ, pick-up truck driving, daisy duke wearing (not this chick), kind of place I find myself in.
Over the years, I have learned to love where I live and find the best things that make it your home.
So what's the message; love and live where you are today. Don't miss anything. Don't wish for something else. Delight in your day if even a little bit.
I wish you could see the explosion of pale pink azalea blooms that literally surround my Mom's house right now. (I will take pics tomorrow) It made even my 6 year old stop and say how wonderful it was. I was glad that she slowed down long enough to see one of nature's beautiful creations. I was sent this link today and it is wonderful. Take time to watch this.
TEDxSF - Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude - YouTube <>


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Tammy...what a wonderful post sweet friend!!!! I love everything you've said ~ and you are the perfect Southern woman, kind, welcoming and so very gracious. I never felt more comfortable than when I was a guest in your home!!! I was scared to death (as you know I don't get out much) but loved being with you, all the girls and having the opportunity to teach a class. Thank you for that! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Spring and I can't wait to see more pics of the camper transformation!!! hugs and love, Dawn

vivian said...

good message Tammy. we all need to spend time appreciating our lives and surroundings. it so easy to get caught up and wanting something else and missing the blessings that are right in front of us.
looking forward to june 22!
have a great day

Linda said...

Such a beautiful post and a wonderful reminder! Thanks Tammy!

Sandy Michelle said...

I watched the whole video and it really warmed my heart!I would love to see the azaleas. My Nonna's large cherry tree has blossomed and it looks heavenly. I hope that one day I can come down south and get the full southern experience.


cocobonandluce said...

You're the best peach I've ever met!!! Thanks for the video it was lovely.

kandeland said...

well I certainly wouldn't say i'm a southern woman but I would definitely say I slow down and stop and smell the roses. i love where i live and truly believe it is important to immerse yourself in your community, it's culture, i DO have the mindset of a southern woman (but I still have too much impatience in traffic!) have a great weekend Tam! xo

Mrs.B said...

I just LOVE this post! :)
I have a 6 year old too...swet age!

Lee said...

:-) You are amazing, no matter where you are. xoxo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Tammy!
So glad I found your Blog! I look forward to meeting you in June at Sandy's!

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Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!