Monday, March 5, 2012

She is almost ready for the decorating!!!

What you are looking at it is the finished ceiling in my camper. Dad finished it today! It was almost not going to happen because they are very fragile and we were worried that they would not work well. So we forged ahead and WOW!!!! It has really finished off the inside and Dad did a phenomenal job.
Here is a close up of the detail. We have a little more painting to do of the interior. I have to choose some carpet and find someone to install it for me.
My hubby was home last week and was able to install 2 of the three light fixtures. I have to work on the shades for them now.
So as I have mentioned several times I have begun collecting the goodies.
I have been keeping my stash in a corner of my studio. Here is a sneak peak.
We are going to be sleeping in style! Okay this was my big splurge! I had 2 custom sleeping bags made. I found a woman on Etsy GoodIntent from the UK who makes custom sleeping bags.
She had the pink fabric, but she sourced the rose fabric for me which is Indian cotton. It is so wonderful and comfortable I am over the moon excited. I do not want to be messing around with sheets and blankets, etc. I also found a great piece of chenille big enough to use to try and make a sleeping bag for S. I found a sweet cotton fabric and bought the batting to go between. I will let you know how I fair.
My Mom crocheted these sweet jar covers.
These fun canisters from Cath Kidston were on sale after Christmas. These are the colors I am building around. Minus the yellow.
I found this fun, little, red cosmetic case junkin last week. She is in great shape and will be perfect for crafting on the go!!
2 weeks ago we were in California for winter break and I found a couple of antique shop in San Clemente. I stumbled upon this king size quilt and great shape.
The plan is to cut this quilt and use it to cover the back cushions across the back of the camper that make up the bed. My mom is going to give it a go for me. It should look so great if we can make it work.
This vintage thermal carafe and cups will be a fun addtion.
This was a gift from Mom and Dad. I don't plan to do any cooking in this camper other than to make coffee and toast bagels, etc. This can be pulled out and put on the counter when I want to use it.
And a little artwork for the walls. It is fun getting all the goodies, but there is still so much to do. I ordered custom awnings from a woman in California and I need to start sourcing my body and paint shop. As we get the inside spruced up I will share a few sneak peaks. I hope you are all seeing a little Spring in your neck of the woods.


vivian said...

good morning Tammy! wow! cant believe its done and ready for decorating already. Your father rocks! now is the fun part. be sure to take lots of pics as you get it all together. I have to admit I would hate cutting up that quilt! but it will look wonderful as cushions too.
have a great day!

Lee said...

Sweeeeeeeeet!! Loving it. Can't wait to see it in person!! xoxo

Sandy Michelle said...

I can't wait to see it all decorated!!! BTW I have the doll house in a corner of my art room. I found some space there after removing the dress form and putting it in my living!

Sandy xox

Linda said...

OMG! This is sooooo exciting!! I can't wait to see it when it's finished. You have wonderful items for it! What a dream!