Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Own Canned Ham!

Once again my hubby has indulged me on my whims and wants and bought me this 1966 Shasta trailer. I found her 40 minutes from my house on a website called Tin Can Tourist.

Here is her little kitchen with blue stove and fridge.
The dinette which folds down into a bed.
Here is the back couch/bed and closest on the left. So I know right about now you are thinking what are you so jazzed about. Well go Here and here to see what these ladies creations have inspired. (be sure to scroll down on each blog) I am ready to trick this baby out!!!!!!
So now that you know where I am headed with this little project, my Dad (God Bless him and his need to tinker and create) has already gotten started on pulling her apart.
The shelf overhead and the dinette are out. He found some dry rot today and we will need to cut out. Also he took the roof down inside and we will need to replace that as well. Mom saw some decorative tin tiles that they sell at Lowes (made to look like old vintage tiles) that may work over head. Anyway, I will keep you posted on her progress. Dad will work on her over the next couple of months and plan of getting her new paint job in the Spring. Can you say Happy Trails? This will be my little studio on wheels. A fun junkin' mobile and some of my buddies are looking for one too. So we will find somewhere to caravan I am sure. THANK YOU, Honey!!! Awesome birthday present.


cinnibonbon said...

OMG--the real man out did himself for you girl!!!

You've got your folks working it up for you already??..Gosh you move fast---I absolutely love it!!!!! I can't hardly wait to see what you come up with. The tiles sound amazing!!! I bet your dad is loving getting his hands on it. What's the history on your little buggy??? What are the plans for it??? all these questions...hehehe..giddy with excitement for you!! Love the inspiration trailers too!!

PS...it's got wings.....glitter!!!

cinnibonbon said...

Industrial glitter---and ummm are you keeping the "D" on the screen for your man???

Lee said...

Cool. Very cool. Now get up here!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh girl you are soooo lucky! I can't WAIT to see what you and your Dad do with it! When is your birthday again???

P.S Thanks for the text!!