Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It always seems to amaze me how quickly the year goes by. Christmas is once again on my heels and the crazy, fun, crafting, baking, shopping, wrapping, celebrating is soon to begin. I find myself making things with this one word in mind. There is so much JOY in my life and I am so thankful.

There are so many inspiring idea's this holiday season. Go check out Amy Power's, Inspiring Ideas e-mag. It is wonderful and the best $3.99 you will spend this holiday season.
Another great find is this magazine. Matthew Mead has a great blog and this magazine is just full of the most wonderful images.
Well, Mom and I are heading South this weekend to Florida to a big Christmas Craft Show. Will let you know what I find. We will also be going to see this over the weekend as well.


Sandy Michelle said...

Ooo take lots of pix at the Florida show! I may watch the movie this weekend as well. I already read Amy's issue, I need to go check out Matthew's now.

Big Hugs!


Love Matthew Meade--and letme tell you I was in love with Breaking Dawn---it was SOOOOOOO romantic!!