Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally Finished the Garden Art Project

Natalea had cute kits for us to make these accordian collages at her Garden Art Party weekend. I started mine, but as usual spent too much time talking and did not get mine finished. Finally I sat down one night this week and got it completed. This is the one side which has some sweet pics of my little garden girl this summer.
This is the back side. These are way fun to put together and it is a nice memento from the weekend.
I also sent a package to this sweet person this week. Here are some house warming items I made.
Every new kitchen needs some special tea towels.
This one started out as a vintage linen I had on hand and I embellished the towel with tan linen and a fork image that I printed from the computer onto printable fabric.
This towel I made from tan linen and old vintage lace scraps. I have had this spoon pin for awhile and it made the perfect touch to this linen.
I look forward to going back to Toronto and seeing my old haunts again and getting to visit Sandy in her new digs. Will have to make a plan!
Lastly, I am enjoying another postcard swap that Natalea is hosting. Here is my postcard that I created ready to fly out to 16 lovely ladies tomorrow.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For those of you along the east coast I hope you rode the storm out successfully.


Nelly said...

Oh, I love all of your creations!

kandeland said...

love how your project came out and of course the great tea towels for Sandy! xo

vivian said...

YOur garden art piece turned out soooo stinking cute! I love it! and the things you made for Sandy are adorable! she will love them. have a great week Tammy!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I FINALLY got access to my computer and had to come over here right away! I looooove my tea towels and they are already up in my kitchen! I also got a compliment for my way cool t-shirt from our kitchen counter guy :)I can't WAIT for you to come and stay with me, now that everything is all set up. We will have to set that up soon! I am so excited to see what everyone is making for Viv's swap! Your accordion album and post card are so lovely!


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