Friday, May 6, 2011

Chicks on Parade

These chicks were my first needle felting attempt. Mom, Carla and Judy and I all tried it together. We got online, ordered all the supplies, watched a few on-line tutorials and got started. We started this project in early March, but due to all my work travels we did not finish them until 3 days before Easter.
Here are all the teetering chicks. They are all different. We have decided to try some other projects with the wool roving we have left. Maybe some summer fruits. We laughed at ourselves and of course I was the first one to stick herself with the needle. Ouch! The supplies were inexpensive. If you have always wanted to try, go for it. It is a fun project.
Here are some other pics from things going on this past month:
Here is what I did with all of the shells we collected on Sanibel Island. They look so pretty in this glass jar. It sits on the desk in the family room next to the iMac. It is a wonderful reminder of our trip.
This is my nephew Blake and his date going to his Junior prom. They are so handsome. I don't recall us looking that grown-up when we were that age. It was great to share in their evening.
I know the Easter bunny didn't see this one coming.
We lost our first tooth this month. The tooth fairy came and left pixie dust on the bed and pillow as well as 5 dollars and 5 pennies . Apparently that is the current treasure the fairy is leaving.

Wel,l I finally got up in my studio this week. I still had Valentine decorations to take down. That tells you how long it has been. Looking forward to spending more time this week coming up. Maybe I can actually create something. I will be looking for a little inspiration.


Lee said...

All of the pics are great. The shells are amazing!! We never found shells like that on the NJ beaches!!

Adam hasn't lsot any teeth, but Isabel has lost two already. Our fairy only leaves $1- shhhhhhhh!!

The felting looks fun. Gobrowse Flikr, I find tons of nspiration on there. Or join Paper Digital Arts and the design team with me!!

KatCollects said...

The chicks are so cute, you did a great job! And I love the jar of shells. Wow, you found them all beach combing? That is amazing. I love shells too, and I love to collect them in jars. Wishing you all the best.

Cassie Shella said...

OMG those chicks are soooo cute! I love, love, love them:) They are just so cheerful and colorful, you guys did a fantastic job. Glad to see things slowing down a bit for you - have a restful sunshine filled week.