Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Holiday Planning has Begun

My dear friend Trina is hosting her famous Cookie Swap again this year. This invite is soooo cute, I had to share it. Trina attached her invite to a red spatula and then shipped it in this matching Christmas cookie bubble wrap mailer. It was so much fun to get in the mail.
I love the boxing and recipe card to make them like a little gift to everyone. Now, I just need to choose a cookie recipe. I have a little time. I have to start looking soon and be able to try a few batches. I will of course take pics and take you along to the party so you can see all the yummy cookies. This is not only fun, but you get 9 dozen cookies to bring home and enjoy without all that extra baking.
I had to share this with you. Before I left for California, Hubby took me to the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta and we did a little shopping for my birthday. We went into Anthropologie and I found this amazing perfume bottle. It has the cutest pincushion on top. It came with the 5 decorative pins. The perfume is the softest floral scent. I am in love with it!!
Here is the box it came in. The company name is very clever. Rosa Alba is the scent. If you love to sew or have a friend who does, isn't this the best gift ever?
Here is my big gift from my Sweetie. I love coffee and have always wanted my own espresso/capuccino maker. It is very small, easy to use and to clean. Yum!
Well, that is all for now. I got back from my 2 weeks in Cali on Friday and I am off and running already. I have a couple of Vintage Smock orders I need to get working on, preparing for Viv's Christmas ornament swap as well as Thanksgiving. Hope you are all doing great!


Angela said...

Tammy it has been forever since I have seen or talked with you. We have to get together at some point so please let's try before Christmas? Anyway, I love, love the perfume bottle with the cutest little pins in the top.

Lee said...

Oh, sounds great!! I miss baking with my sisters. I've been thinking of doing a mini-swap with a few gal pals, myself.Have you decided what you're going to bake?


So exciting girl..Love you. XOXOXO"s to your whole gang.

Cassie Shella said...

Your post made me hungry! Cookies and coffee - how could you go wrong:) Love the perfume bottle I wish we had an Anthropologie around here but I would have to drive into Cleveland. Can't wait to see pictures of the cookie swap - have a Blessed week.

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