Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kiddy Art and a Road Trip Friday!!

When I agreed to volunteer up at the school to support the grass roots art program, I didn't plan on them assigning me the entire first grade. With Halloween upon us, I chose a piece of artwork called The Scream by Edvard Munch to discuss and then I planned for them to make their own screaming ghosts.
As I predicted, after 5 minutes of discussing this painting, they were ready to hit the glue sticks. After much preparation and wearing out my personal cutter, I readied 80 baggies with paper cutouts, crepe paper and paper plates. The kids were a blast! If I could just get the supplies prepared for me and just show up to teach the class, it would be perfect. But, I will have to plan the projects, prepare the materials and make appointments with the teachers. This is bigger than I planned. Oh well, I did make a commitment. I am at least getting to know the first grade teachers in preparation for next year when S moves up a grade.
Special thanks to my Mom for cutting every piece of crepe paper for these little ones!
With that behind me this week, I am heading out on Friday for a little road trip with the girls!
We are headed to the Country Living Fair! For the first time, it is going to be held in Stone Mountain, GA as well as Ohio were it has always been. I rented a minivan and 6 of us are going to check out the antiques, crafts, quilts, etc. I will share the pics and goodies when I return.
A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was planning on sewing some of these vintage smocks like I got at the Farm Chicks last year.
Well, I made two while I was putting all the project bags together. I am giving them to my Mom and my friend Carla tomorrow. I will show you what I made after I give them.


Sugar Bear said...

I salute you my friend! That certainly must have taken a lot of patience. I used to "teach" in a second grade class when I was a senior in high school. Fun age group.

Lee said...

Who are you going with?? Have fun, wish I was there. Say hi to your mom and Junk Whisperer. xoxo

kathy said...

Very cute indeed -- I know about cutting yikes -- for kids evey week
Can't wait to see your creations -- KAthy - ga

Tam said...

HI! Hope you have fun this weekend!

Wow I bet those first graders Had a BLAST!!!! You are so awesome to do that!

Cassie Shella said...

Love your screaming ghost! Children's art is the best because it comes right from their hearts. Have fun on your road trip, my sister and I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus last year- had a great time. I'm sure you will too.