Saturday, October 23, 2010

Country Living Fair: Part:1

What a glorious day we had. The sun was shining and the weather was in the high 70's. What a perfect setting for the Country Living Fair.
Here I am with my junkin posse. From left to right; Judy, Mary, Ruth, Me, Carla and Diane.
Here we are with our vintage smocks. Mom and Carla wore the smocks I made them and handed out my business cards to everyone who asked about them. All 30 cards were handed out. I should have planned ahead and made a bunch. I could have sold so many if I had them. They were all the buzz and I got lots of comments and interest in them. Got to get busy!
I took a ton of pictures. The setting was perfect. All these vendors had wonderful booths all decorated in and out of the trees in this park. This was a cozy setting set up by Country Living Magazine. There was a big stone fireplace. This is where the Country Living Store was arranged. I bought a cute T-Shirt with a hen on the front and an egg on the back with the Country Living logo. Too cute.
Here is the first half of the pictures I took. Watch for Part 2 in a day or so. I hope you enjoy the day with us.
CL Magazine had several booth set up where you could learn to do different projects for a fee. This one was to create this basket using a special machine.
Here is Carla digging into the goodies. We took off like a shot. The crowd was pretty good. It was busy, but not so bad that we couldn't get at anything. Prices were pretty good for the most part. The vendors that were too high were getting no action at their booths.
Are these not the cutest little red boots? Some little boy or girl loved these.

These last couple of photos in this post are from a vendor called French Vanilla. It was one of my favorite booths.
Stay tuned. I will be back with the rest of the eye candy in a day or so. Hope you all had a great weekend.


Lee said...

Love!! Awesome job with the smocks too- maybe a booth next year?? xo

Sugar Bear said...

I adore your smocks! Yours is my favorite. Love the pop of red.

Sandy Michelle said...

Great pix! I need to go next year. I just received your Zineas and they are lovely! have a great Halloween!

Sandy xox

Tam said...

Great pictures! I thought about you on my way to La Grange Ga this weekend!