Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Candy and More!

It was an ice cream party to remember. We had such a good time decorating ballons, making necklaces, playing games and batting away at a pinata! These were ice cream cone cupcakes that I made. They are cones filled with gum balls to weight down the base, a mini muffin sized cupcake turned upside down and then covered in icing and sprinkles. They had to eat all the cupcake to get to the gumball surprise inside.
Grammie Ruth made the ice cream soda centerpieces for the party. Shelby thought they were just terrific.
Michael's was the place to shop for this ice cream party. I was able to find the ice cream themed plates and napkins along with those cute ice cream cut outs that I used as place mats and decoration for the table. They also had some of the prettiest pastel sprinkles.
I put all the different sprinkles into a set of clear martini glasses across the table so you could see all the colors and the girls could dig in to sprinkle on their ice cream.
Goody bags or should I say goody bowls. These were pastel shaded ice cream bowls with matching spoons. They were put into the bag first and then filled with ice cream poppers, ice cream cone pencils and erasers, an ice cream cone shaped lip gloss, crazy bands and a candy necklace.
Each goody bag was tied with ice cream cone ribbon and a sweet tag that I made for each one. These were so sweeeet!
The rest of the decorations came from the Oriental Trading Company. Having the party at home was fun, but a lot of work.
Here is the birthday girl enjoying her ice cream soda before the party goers arrived.
Gone are the days when you could throw a kids birthday party and just have cake and ice cream, tear open a few presents and then call it a day. The kids want games and activities, etc. So we came up with a few fun things for the girls to do. The first was to make ice cream necklaces with lots of colorful beads.
I set up a beading station in the kitchen with plates of beads to string.
They each got 2 lamp work beads shaped like ice cream cones to put on their necklaces. The project worked great and did not take very long.
These are Shelby's gal pals. I actually got them to sit long enough for a group photo. Not easy.
After the games and activities it was time for ice cream and cake.
Let the fun begin!!
We finished the party with the pinata filled with 3 lbs of candy. Plenty of sugar to go around at this party.
Happy 5th Birthday sweet girl. WE LOVE YOU!!!


Lee said...

you are missing your calling!! Very sweet party1 I have Shelby's gift, just waiting to be mailed!

natalea said...

what a wonderful party! I love how you did the cone cupcakes...I never saw them made that way...such a good idea, and much easier than baking cupcakes into a cone! It looks like the girls had a blast! Five is the best!! Happy Birthday Sweet Shelby! You are the cutest...xoxo nat

Sugar Bear said...

Chelsea wore that same shirt on her birthday! I LOVE the party, the theme, the decor, the goody bags! You outdid yourself Mama! The centerpieces are just darling. Looks like Shelby really enjoyed herself. I can only imagine how exciting that must have been for her. I remember being so excited for my birthday parties and all the fun themes. Job very well done.

Cassie Shella said...

Oh what fun!!! I absolutely love the ice cream theme. Everything looked beautiful. I think Lee is right, you are missing your calling!! I'm glad Chelsea had such a great birthday.

Tam said...

That was a GREAT Party! I love the theme! Great Great Ideas!!!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..