Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Doing a Little Catching Up!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to a large outdoor shopping mall while I was out working in California. It was absolutely beautiful. Here is a ferris wheel in the center of the plaza. You just can't beat the site of these tall palm trees.
I did get to go into Anthropologie. The displays were terrific. I made a request to take pictures, but the Manager said NO! Oh well. Maybe my next trip in I will sneak a few.
Everything was so pretty. The attention to detail in these stores was fantastic. Atlanta is our hot spot to shop around my neck of the woods and nothing compares to what was at this mall.
Here is what I hauled back to the hotel. My big splurge....
I warned Hubs that I was going after a pair of new shades. They rock!!
Here is the shirt I bought at Anthropologie. I love all the ruffles.
Of course I could not come home without anything for the mini chick. These were her goodies. The kids around here are going absolutely wild over the Sketchers Twinkle Toes.

The following week I flew home and we celebrated a Sweet 60th Birthday for Judy!!!!!
We got together as a family and all took Judy to dinner at Natalia's in Macon. We had our own private room. It was lovely and the food was fantastic!
Here is Shelby and I before we left for Judy's birthday celebration. She is growing up so fast. She is such a girl! We had to have our purse and our lipstick before we could leave the house.
When I got home, we colored some Easter eggs, packed Daddy up for California, celebrated Judy's birthday, had an egg hunt, opened treats from the Easter Bunny, got Daddy off to the airport, had egg salad with Mom for Easter dinner, and then packed up again for Spring Break.
We were here for three days:
It has been a very busy 3 weeks. And it doesn't stop there. I am getting ready to go back to California this week. I leave on Sunday. I am doing some last minute visiting with friends, completing a new art project with Lee which will soon be revealed and finding a little time to spend with Don this weekend. I will stay in touch. Until then, have a great rest of the week, y'all!


MommaRu said...

Great post! Love all of your "goodies" from California and exhausted from reading and trying to keep up with all of your activities.....Disney World with you and Shelby was the best, as always. Love you, Girl, Mom

natalea said...

Happy B-day Judy!
And Tammy- you look just gorgeous in that blue dress!!
and of course Shelby is just a little doll!
xoxo natalea

Marcia Antle said...

Your daughter is adorable, so cute!!!! And that ruffle blouse is to die for (almost as much as your apron that I want to steal). Was the blouse from Anthropology? You have great taste! It was great to meet you as well. We will definitely keep this an ongoing event. Keep in touch.

Sandy Michelle said...

Score! I love shopping in the U.S! You are one busy gal! You looked fabulous in that blue dress!

Sandy xox

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

Awesome- love the new shades. Don't forget to bring them in the fall so I can try them on! You are looking slim and gorgeous! That shirt is so fun. I've been trying to get and Anthro catalog- but no luck... Love you-