Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sew Pretty...

This is a book worth raving about! My friend Carla found this book at a local book sale and bought it for 50 cents. She brought it to our Thursday night craft night and it is total eye candy. The sewing projects in this book are to die for!
This book is originally from Norway and was later adapted to English and sold in the UK and US. The artist and writer of this book is Tone Finnanger. The colors of these fabrics she uses looks like rooms full of dessert.
Don't you just love these slippers? She makes them and puts them in her guest room for her guests to enjoy and take home. Well, of course I had to give Carla her book back after having it for a week. I had to have one of my own. I did find it on-line at Barnes and Noble.
Every page in this book is just a knock out! Every project is described in detail and all the patterns are in the back of the book to do every project.
I would love a cozy cottage in the country with this kitchen. Maybe in my next life. LOL! I started one of these strawberries. I need to sew the top.
I have always been a pear fan. I have already cut this pattern out in a pretty sage and white polka dot fabric. Hopefully I can get to it at craft night tonight.
I would really like to attempt the wooden handled bag up on the top with the cloth flower. It would be fun to have several of these in some fun summer fabrics. They would make great gifts for my gal pals.
There are bears, bunnies, angels and kitties in this book. Her embroidery is just gorgeous. Her hand stitching is unbelievable. Something to strive for...
As you can tell I just love this book. I warn you that you will spend days looking at. She also has a Sew Pretty Christmas book that I would love to look at. I will keep you posted on any projects that I make out of this book. But if you like to sew, you must add this to your collection.


Sugar Bear said...

I adore the photos Tammy! I want to move right into that book. LOL. What a great find. I have a few German magazines and they look very much the same. I love gazing at the photos!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

very pretty. The projects looks easy enough too. There's a shop around there that holds sewing classes- I'd like to take one in the spring. Right now I'm workig on a fabric collage, that's fun!!!

natalea said...

this DOES look like a great book! hope you get to the pears!
xo natalea


I love everything about this yummy book. I wish I could put things like this together in a group. I've got taste for just about every style decor--that I end up as a minimialist beacsue I just can't commit!!! LOL. Come do my place like this for me---no need to wait for the next house/life!! My place is a blank canvus waiting for helP!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful book!