Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's All About Friends....

Last week I recieved this lovely box of goodies that my sweet friend Luz sent me! These hand made Valentine's are made with so much care and love!
Many thanks for thinking of me, dear. You are the BEST!
This weekend was busy also spending time with friends. Our little group has been getting together for 2 years now and we started our Girls Nights In this year with a Spa Night!
I hosted the event at my house and we had a facial station and a manicure station. Here are the facial goodies in my bath.
I worked on creating a calming atmosphere and relaxing mood.
I can't imagine why the girls wouldn't let me take their pictures during their masks. You know that I have never been shy about things, so I had Annette take my picture for the sake of good blogging. LOL!
The other station was a manicure station that I set up in my living room. While some of us were doing the facials the rest of us were starting a manicure.
One good product we used last night that we all liked was a Bath and Body Works body scrub in Cucumber and Melon. It is pictured in the top left hand side of this pic. It worked great on our hands and I imagine would be great in the shower all over. Each of the spa goers took home a Soft Lips lip balm and these cute tubes of Handi-Bac. They are scented antibacterial hand lotions.
No spa night would be complete without the food. We had a cold veggie pizza, a wonderful Greek salad made by Suzanne and an Angel food cake with strawberry sauce and blueberries. We had a really nice evening. As much as I like to primp, I still prefer to have these services done for me. But in this economy and the need to be more frugal, this was a fun way to work on those wrinkles with friends!
I hope you all had a fun weekend.



Oh sweets---you're welcome. I blogged about the goodies you sent me too!!
I TOTALLY FORGOT TO INCLUDE SOMETHING IN YOURS AND LEE BOXES...ooops. I'll send after a bit. Somethings "twinsie-like" for you gals.
Ok Miss Hostess with the Mostest---what a wonderful idea and I love that you have gal friends you've been doing this so long with. Just fabulous. I'm thrilled for you all.
I have to say--First I LOVE the curtain in your bathroom...super scrumptious. And second what's with the silverware holder?
TRES CHIC!! It's all wonderful!


Oh yes---great picture with the cucumbers!! YAWZA

Lululiz said...

Sounds like a great evening to me, what a fabulous idea.
Great facemask photo, btw, lvoe it!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

What an awesome thing, to have this kind of friendship and parties. I'm giving up on that, I think... tell ya more later. hugs- Lee

Angela said...

How fun!! I knew Gray was a "hapnin" town but didn't know they had such beautiful models for their spas.haha, love the pic...can't imagine why no one wanted theirs taken!
love the goodies from Luz, if I can ever get organized I need to send all of you a little sompin, sompin!

Sandy Michelle said...

You sure know how to throw a fun party! Your friends are lucky to have you! I recieved my lovely give-away prize! It is gorgeous and looks wonderful in my studio!Thanks so much!

Sandy xox

Tam said...

HOW AWESOME! Looks like a great TIME! The food looks amazing! Hope all is great!

MommaRu said...

You looked perfectly devine, Dahling! Stunning facial. Shelby saw the picture, in your bathroom, she said the ladies had pickles on their eyes. Wait till she sees her Mama!
Everything looked beautiful and you are always so thoughtful with the "goodies" for everyone.
You gals are all Blessed to have and enjoy one another.
Love you, Mom

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What a great idea...sounds like so much fun!

natalea said...

oh how fun! wish I lived closer!

Trishia said...

There's a scene in a Queen Latifah movie where she thinks she is dying (but isn't) and she's having a facial. She takes one of the cucumber slices off her eye and munches on it while talking to the aesthetician. Hilarious! Your lovely picture reminded me of that. What a great idea for a girls' night out:)