Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Blooms

The colors of summer. So vibrant, so beautiful. These are pictures from Judy's Daylily garden and backyard. Enjoy.


Junk Whisperer said...


Thanks Tammy.
I love you,

Piney Rose said...

Gorgeous! I swear I think I detected their fragrance...


These are amazing--What a green thumb she is!! That's skill, I'm so lacking in that department--hehe.

Hey tell your guy. Happy Father's Day-- I'm sure Miss S treated him to something special--and gave him extra hugs today.

I miss you girl!!

PS...I love that you extended your pool for me to chill out at!!! That would be amazing--except I have to close the purse strings--big bummer. Oh well right?
I'll be okay--it will just take sometime, but in the meantime..I'm just going to relax for a week or so..then go back on the job hunt.

Have a great week friend.

Sugar Bear said...

Gorgeous. We have had non stop rain and cloudy skies here in the northeast - I fear my flowers are no doing as well!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog! I live in Minnesota and was feeling "under the weather" and went blog hunting. I read your blog from beginning to end. Delightful! Thank you for letting me follow part of your life! I am hoping I can have one someday...but first, the etsy store.

Thanks so much!
Susan Reaney
St Paul, MN

Sandy Michelle said...

Judy's garden flowers are so lovely! BTW, you can come down to visit ANY TIME girl!

Sandy xox

Susan Tuttle said...

Soooo incredibly gorgeous! I love those lilies:)

I just posted full details about my online class:


SherrysRoseCottage said...

Judy's garden is so pretty, Tammy! Thanks for sharing it with us! It was good running in to you & Shelby in the grocery store. She is such a little doll baby!!