Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beach Baby

Still back tracking to share things we did in May. We spent 3 days camping on Tybee Island which is just outside Savannah at the end of May. We spent just about everyday on the beach and one day in Savannah.
Shelby Girl just loves the beach! I joke with Don all of the time about Shelby being so much like him that I wondered if I actually contributed any genetic material at all. BUT, her love of the beach and the ocean she definitely gets from her Mama!
When the tide went out that morning, a small pool of water was trapped on the beach creating a litle tide pool for the children to play in. It was great!
She made it to about 1pm that day and was soon down for the count. She slept for 3 hours that afternoon. Once she woke up, she asked to go back to the beach.Having fun with Dad. Her favorite kind of ride.
We took a break from the beach on our last day and went into Savannah for the day. It was hot and at lunch time we were looking for a cool spot for lunch.We found it! This was such a surprise. Vic's on the River is down on the riverfront and is close to the middle trolley stop. You walk into the ground floor and take the elevator to the 4th floor to be seated in the restaurant. The view was fantastic.When you land on the fourth floor, the elevator opens to a beautiful piano bar and beyond that was this long simply stated and decorate room. They were totally kid friendly and Shelby had a meal for only $5.00.
We got a table right at the window. I thought it was a bit quiet for lunch time, but it filled up rather quickly.We enjoyed hot biscuits with fresh marmalade and honey butter. Shelby was all about those!We enjoyed this lovely white wine with lunch. I had the waitress write it down so I could look for it back home. I am still searching for the piece of paper. When I find it, I will share the wine with you. It was outstanding! REVISED: The wine is Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand-2008, and it is only $10.00 a bottle. I chose the Shrimp and Cheese Grits. It had smoky bacon and this yummy brown sauce. It was filled with parmesan cheese. I have been wanting to try this dish since I moved to Georgia and I was not disappointed. We will definitely be going back.
Lee, this last picture is for you. I took this picture of these Golden Girls as they were walking down the beach. It struck me how sweet they were. Some old friends talking and walking together. This will be us in a few years from now. Just a couple of old gals, talking about our children and probably our art, as usual. We'll be in better shape, though!


Angela said...

That Shelby is just the cutest thang!!!! Of course you and Don are pretty cute too! Yuck on the cheese grits though. I am a born and bred Ga. girl but just can't put cheese in my grits, yuck!! hope to see you soon.

MommaRu said...

It will be such fun, sharing a day at the beach, with you, Shelby and Judy when you're here in July. Shelby's legs look so long. She's growing like a little weed.

Tybee beach looked very inviting and Shelby loving every minute of it.

See you soon! Love you

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

The beach pictures are the best! I miss the beach. Love the yummy food shots- those grits look awesome. Tell Junk Whisperer to bone up on her grits recipes!!

natalea said...

give that Shelby Girl the biggest hug from me- what a sweetie pie! How I wish she could get together and play with Scarlet! hope you all are having a fun summer!
xox natalea

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is simply beautiful!

Send a note back to an old friend:

Sorry we lost connection on Facebook.

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I love Savannah and Tybee Island. We are thinking about taking Presley there before school starts back. Talk to you soon.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

shrimp and grits (with lots of cheese) yummo! one of my favorites. Loved all your photos of the beach and sis's gardens. My "beach baby" is visiting me this week and we are having so much fun playing "restaurant" and swimming in the pool and fishing and etc. xo Lynn