Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sweet peonies

sweet peonies

your petals open up to me

shades of pink and white flutter in such beauty

I enter the room and are reminded of your presence

your fragrance is soft and comforting

you are a surprise today

you bring such joy

a much needed hug

a reminder that I am thought of today

a gift to make me feel special

I appreciate you sweet peonies and the one that brought you to me

with such caring and love....

~Tammy Lucik


Angela said...

What beautiful P-O-Knees!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Tammy....they. are. gorgeous.....I just love peonies ~ xxoo, Dawn


One of my favorite flowers....sweet sweet pictures. I'm so glad they and someone brightened your day. You always deserve for nothing short of that!



Magic Moonlight said...

You all are so wonderful to me....I want to send each and every one of you a gift!!!
You are my inspiration!
I just want to say thank you so much for such sweet kindness and friendship that is expressed in each and every comment.
Please email me your adreess to send you a special friendship tag, I made just for you!
Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Week and Hope you win my Giveaway!

tales from an oc cottage said...


m ^..^

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

my favorite all time flowers. My white ones are blooming now- just waiting for the pink ones.

Junk Whisperer said...

Just checking my google account again!