Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day Trip and L.I. Book 3

Thursday, we took a day trip to both Conyers and Covington. There is a store that we love to visit called Furnishings and Fabrics. The front half of the store is all furniture and home decor while the back is rows and rows of textiles and fabrics and trims. They always have unusual fabrics and range from $5/yd up tp $35/yd. They often have tables with end of bolt pieces for $1 - $5/yd. This time, the trims were 50% off. It is always worth the trip.

This trip we went to browse. We weren't hunting for something specific. I did find 2 corresponding fabrics that I am going to make a large tote bag with.
In the home decor and gift section I found this box of speckled eggs.
There are 60 eggs in this box for only $9.95! These will be great for decorating and crafting. (totally thought of you, Dawn) I also liked them because they are on the small size and a few are cracked in pieces. It all works.

We left the store, had some lunch and then headed back toward Covington. There are several antique malls and stores to check out, but with Shelby in tow, we visited only one. She is way too interested in all the goodies and wants to touch only the biggest, breakable things!
I had the Junk Whisperer with me, so it is always like having 2 sets of eyes while I shop. Here is what I took home with me.
I found this doll down one of the very last aisles. She is completely intact with all of her parts.She was only $8 which was a surprise. These doll parts go for quite a bit. I see alot of ladies crafting with these. She is a bit stained on the back, but in excellent condition. She definitely needs a new dress. I will try to find something sweet for her to wear. She is currently sitting on my sewing hutch nestled in with all the fabric.
I found this set of 6 picture frame mats which I will scan and use in some artwork.
Pair of pink birds which are already sitting on the window ledge in my studio.
This decorative box is not old, but it is the perfect thing to store my growing collection of handmade tags.
Lastly is this handsewn table runner. I just loved the images on this fabric. It is on a table now in my studio. I love to day trip and find little towns and shoppes along the way. I have kept the company down to a minimum this summer, so hopefully we can get around to some great places.

Lyrical Interpretation: Lee's Book
Lee's book is very interesting. It is an old book that would have held a collection of 45rpm records. It is very clever and perfect for the round robin. The song she picked has some unique lyrics and I have never heard the song before. I don't know if that is good or bad, but I struggled to find some meaning in the words. Here is what I created.
"and if you don't believe the sun will rise," "stand alone and greet the coming night."
"In the last remaining light"
Here is the 2 page layout.This style of art is very challenging for me. I don't typically "see" what I want to do in my head first. I usually sit down and start putting the pieces together. Not comfortable with this. It is definitely a stretch.
I have 2 books left to go in the round robin. Vesna's has already arrived and then Julie's is last. I hope I can find some inspiration for the last 2 books. Wish me luck!


Angela said...

AAACKKKK, I love your goodies that you found..the birds egss are so perfect!! I am so jealous..I want to go with y'all everytime you go somewhere. I tell you when the market gets better and the store starts doing better, I am going to find a house in your neighborhood..we just have to live close to each other!
I think your page layouts are perfect and I am sure you will come up with something just as wonderful for the other 2, can't wait to see them all! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

Oh, I LOVE my pages! I can't wait to see them in person!! The images you chose are wonderful.

The store you visited sounds fun. You bought some amazing things- loves those mats!! I've looked at those eggs on eBay too. That was a good price, and they look like they could be fun. Say hi to the Whisperer for me!!

MommaRu said...

Oh, how I would have loved to tag along with you gals on your day trip. That's the kind of thing I love to do, as well you know.

Shelby's already learning to love "shopping". One day she will be just like her mama.

Love all of the goodies you brought home. Can't get over the doll. She really looks old. What a fun project she will be. The table runner is really great, too.

Your book layout is so good. It's wonderful to have all of those things on hand that you can just see and know what you want to do with them. Keep on enjoying.

Love you lots. Tell the "junk whisperer" she better take care of that knee so she can find all of these great goodies.

Love to all, Mommaru

The Feathered Nest said...

I am SO loving that fabric and OF COURSE the eggs!!!! What a deal girl! I've got to get to that place, I've heard about it but have never been. I love that antique mall in the old square in Covington, is that the one?? You found some wonderful treasures!!! The mats are so "you" too! I love your layouts on Lee's have the touch girl, so do not worry one little bit!!! What a wonderful keepsake for her ~ Hope your weekend is going great!
xxoo, Dawn

SharDon Exclusives said...

You have gotten some treasures! Congratulations of all of the finds. My favorite is all the eggs & well everything else!!!

Nadine said...

Thank you oh so much for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! I have been enjoying my visit to your blog and I shall be back to visit often - so pretty!
Best wishes!

Karen & Eileen too said...

Aren't those little escape days the best? My business partner and I get a few a year as a treat to ourselves for working so hard!! LOL! We will be up at the Farm Chicks too! Hope to meet you there! I'll be with the group in the yellow chick bloomer aprons.

Sandy Michelle said...

I LOVE the Charlotte you scored and I can't wait to see the tote you make with the fabulous fabric. The eggs are also an amazing find!

Sandy xox

natalea said...

Tammy, I love all of your fun finds! that table runner is awesome! and i think you did a fantastic job on the book layout!
have a great week, xo natalea


Grrr....I totally love that fabric!! I swear you and that gift of shopping. I'm with Angela...I need to find a job to move to may not want me that close...but I'm surely telling you that I need to move to GA!!! LOL.. I've got the kiddo sold on if the hubs just comes on board...hehe...we can start packing.

Ok that!!! I don't know how you do it. That is super special and I can totally see all the work you've put into it. It's a great book.

Shabby Chic Junk said...

I found your blog by hosting the Charm Cottage giveaway too. I was checking out your blog. The decorative box yellow with flowers for your collection. I have one, it came with writing notes. Love it!