Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girls Weekend: Savannah

On our last full day together, I got the girls up and out by 7am so I could share some of the south that I have grown to know and love. I have been to Savannah a handful of times now and I never tire of its beauty and charm.
I take pictures of the architecture and southern style wrought iron on each trip. The oldness of it just continues to improve its lure.
We started the day with a trolley tour. We paid extra to get on and get off at each of the trolley stops. This works out great because you can get on and off all day without having to worry about parking or walking too far. The girls were great and were up for anything.
The weather was perfect. Savannah can get very hot and in can spoil the fun, but we got lucky with 80 degree weather and a lovely breeze.The main event was the shopping! After lunch (Thanks for treating to lunch, Lee! Hugs and Kisses)we got back on the trolley and headed for Broughton Street. This street is a must for anyone that visits Savannah and wants to shop. Our first stop was @Home Vintage General.

The Vintage General now has a blog up and running and is working on their new website. I love their store displays. A great mix of old, new and reproduction.Whether you buy something or not, just taking in the goodies can be a delight.
We scattered like kids in a candy store. It was fun to see what the girls found interesting and what they found irresistible.
Natalea and I have absolutely the same tastes in things. We picked up the same goodies to buy as we shopped. Birds of a Feather..
Here is Judy with her bag. Little did I know that she bought those goodies for me!!
Here we stand in front of the store with our bags of loot. David, Dawn's son lives in Savannah and stopped by to see his Mom. He was great about holding 7 cameras at once and taking pictures of all of us! He took great shots. Thanks, David. Next, the Paris Market.Look at this window display at the Paris Market. I just wanted to climb up into that window and pretend that I was sitting in Paris having french pastries and sipping champage. Sigh. One day.Here is Lee standing in front of this urn which is in the doorway to the store.Mom and Judy. Inseperable. True friends. I am lucky to have them in my life.
One of the last pictures of the day. Tomorrow I will have to say goodbye to these amazing women. They have all entered my life in different ways and for different reasons. I am grateful for them all. I am so blessed to know them and to call them true friends!
Until we meet again, let your heart fly, create often, thank God for all your blessings, and always remember how special you all are; to me and to the rest of your families and friends. Thank you for sharing the weekend with me. I will cherish it always.


Angela said...

Imagine me sitting here with my lip rolled out!
Glad y'all had so much lip is steady rolling out more!! My mom used to tell me I was abt. to step on my bottom lip(of course it was rare that I would pout,haha).

SharDon Exclusives said...

Look at those birds with all of your names!!! Cute stuff and such a fun trip! Thank you for sharing such a adventerous event!!!! Wish we could have ALLL be there with you...So fun