Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girls Weekend: A Day in the Studio, Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our day in the studio. We are finally settled down and ready to start the art class. I officially introduce Dawn as our Guest Artist and teacher for the day.When I started planning the weekend, I came up with the idea of having an art class and a guest artist. I immediately thought of Dawn. I tripped over myself for a week trying to send an email to her to make the request. I finally sent it and she answered back right away and said, YES! I was so excited. Many of us admire Dawn's blog and art, but she walked into our lives on Friday morning and it was if we had always known her. She folded right into our arms and hearts. There to stay for good! Admire the artist, but love the lady!

Dawn and I decided on her Plate Collage project for the day. It was so much fun to see what everyone made. All the plates so different, but reflective of each person's style and personality.Here we are working. Dawn shared her most wonderful images, trims, lace, sayings, papers, buttons and vintage jewelry with us. All of these things were so wonderful to have and use. We talked about our art and the need for it to say something. The quotes and poems were beautiful. So much to choose from, it was hard to decide. We were shown some techniques that she uses and some of her favorite art supplies. What a great opportunity to share. Here is what we created.I would love to hang all of these on the wall in the studio. They turned out so great.Luz's Creation Judy's Creation Natalea's Creation
Ruth's Creation
Lee's Creation
Angela's Creation
My Creation

Dawn not only brought treats for the class, she brought this hand-made treat for me! Something she just whipped up! She is so talented. I love this handbag she made for me and the fabric is to die for!! I am lovin this bag. It will be used all summer long. Dawn also remembered my Shelby Love and made this matching purse with the cute pink bunny for her.Thank you, dear friend for everything!!

We took a break from crafting and creating to head out for lunch. We drove down the road a piece to Trish Ann's Antiques and Tea Room. We had a lovely table waiting for us. Lee made and brought these pretty cone favors with treats for each of us.The boxes were adorned with hearts, birds, buttons, ribbons and charms. Inside were these glass magnets she made and a home made lip balm. These came out great. Thanks, Lee! We sat back and enjoyed lunch, each other's company and not having to be anywhere anytime soon! Here are the lunchin' ladies...

The lovely and ever-smiling Luz.

Our Teacher and Artist extraordinaire, Dawn.

World's best story teller, give you anything kind of person, Angela.

Sister and Aunt, everyone's friend, fabulous baker, Judy

Best friend til the end. Awesome nurse, Farm Chicks or bust, Lee.

Mom, practically perfect in everyway. Ruth

Sweet Natalea. Incredibly generous, always thoughtful, very fun to be around.

We finished lunch and then checked out some of the local shopping and antiques.
When we arrived home, in walked this lovely birdhouse. Luz carried it in the house and presented it to me. I was in shock. I just love this birdhouse and I have walked past it so many times and admired it. I can't believe she knew how much I liked it. I just love it. It has a great spot on my back porch, Thank you so much sweet friend! We finished the day out with Appletini's and dinner pool side. It was the perfect day.
A day I will always remember. Friends, art, lunch, laughing, shopping, laughing, gifts, laughing.....

Take a trip to Savannah with us. You don't want to miss our day in the South. I will post about our last day of the weekend tomorrow. See you then.


MommaRu said...

All of these beautiful photos and your lovely comments, have brought this fantastic weekend, "back to life" again. These special women are all so very unforgettable.
Not to mention, the job you did to make this weekend so memorable, was nothing short of spectacular! I am so proud of my girl and her guy.
Love you, Mom

Junk Whisperer said...

This is a great post. You are capturing everything. It was so much fun and it is all here.
Lots of love and admiration.

Angela said...

Tammy, you have covered everything just as you did for us at your home...I am so thankful that God saw fit to introduce us and that we are becoming great friends. I tried to get to your mom's and Judy's blog but they have it set to private so please pass this on to them. I had such a wonderful time meeting them and getting to know them and I thank them for just welcoming me into their lives. I feel as though I have known all of you for years and that is what true friendship is right? Comfort, being comfortable with each other as well as being comforted and being the comforter(not the bed sheet kind-:)As usual none of that sentence makes sense but hopefully you know what i mean!! I added a song to my blog I thought you would get a "hollar" out of so go check it out when you can!

Anonymous said...

OMG, all I have to say is WOW. Spectacular creations, those plates are amazingly beautiful, and have gotten me very inspired. What a wonderful day, full of fun and creativity.

I absolutely adore your blog banner, it is beautiful.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Tammy! What a sweet, sweet post! You are so very kind....and truly an angel!!! I loved each and every moment spent with you girls. I'm still in awe of you and each and every person there. Your mom is an angel as well, and Judy, what a sweetheart...EVERYONE was so incredibly talented TOO Tammy! Tell Judy that I'm sorry her cookies didn't make my post, ummmm, they. were. gone and delicious...I had to share them with my family!!! Thank you all for everything, what a great memory you've given us Tammy ~ you are the hostess with the mostest! hugs and love, Dawn

Sandy Michelle said...

I LOVE all the plates the ladies made and Dawn is so talented!Have a fabulous Mother's Day!!!

Sandy xoxox

Angela said...

Happy Mother's Day, girl!!!

Please tell Don thanks again for allowing us to take over and helping so much for the last 6 months!!

Halo Hill said...

What could make a more wonderful day? It looks fabulous!! I've not met Dawn in person, but adore her and her work! Good for all of you!