Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crowns, Cupcakes and Cutie Pies!

We had such a great time yesterday at Shelby Love's first little girls birthday party.

Shelby just smiled and laughed all day! Come along and see the sweet birthday fun....The princess invitations were delivered...The porch was decorated along with the the party table ready for 8 little princesses.Each little party goer had their very own crown and cupcake place card when they sat down.
All of the loot bags were heavy with lots of goodies and treats!
The birthday princess awaited her guests in her lovely birthday dress. She looked so sweet!
The Birthday Princess posed for a picture with the Queen Mother. We managed to wear this lovely dress for about a half hour. Once she saw the other friends had arrived in bathing suits, she wanted hers on too. Oh Well!The princesses all arrived and were excited for the birthday fun. All of the girls were so sweet and very patient waiting for me to put out the cupcakes and ice cream.The treats began with these darling cupcakes. The girls just gasped when they saw the ballerinas. These were the biggest ballerinas ever. I bought them from Andrea at 100 Wishes and they were fantastic.We sang Happy Birthday and Shelby sang too! Mommie only made it through the first verse then I had all to do not to cry! My little girl is growing so fast. She is so in her element with all of her friends and all of the attention heaped on her. LOLAfter cake and ice cream we played "Pin the Fairy on the Flower." Everyone joined in and won a candy bracelet for playing. Shelby had never played before but got right into it. She at least hit the paper.
Then to the good stuff, opening the presents! What wonderful gifts she received from all of her friends.
It was finally time to swim. It was so hot yesterday I thought we would melt. Everyone played very nicely together and all of the girls said thank you to me and Shelby. We had a really fun day.
When the party was over and everyone was gone, Shelby dried off from the pool and headed back to the porch for her goodies. She headed for one bag. The bag with the Cinderella costume. She stayed in this dress all night. She truly is a princess.We ended the special day with alot of bling. I had so much fun planning this little event, but I am glad we are done. We have been so busy all summer and are getting ready again for more company. By August 19th, the company will have all returned to their respective states, Shelby will have started back to preschool and Mama will be in her new studio!
Thanks for sharing this special day with us!


Del said...

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Precious Princess Shelby! Your party looks like it was oodles of fun. I love the crocheted cupcakes that Mimi made for you and your friends.

Sugar Bear said...

What a fun birthday party! Happy birthday to your little princess.

Scrappy Jessi said...

eeekk so so fun
now that's a jessi party.
love it all.
she looked so cute.

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shelby! What a lovely birthday she had too!The decorations and cupcakes are fabulous!


Natalea said...

Oh How Sweet!! What a fun day!! I'm so glad the birthday princess had fun with her friends and it was all a fairy tale b-day...thank you for sharing the pictures of the big day! You are a wonderful mama making that day so sweet and special Tammy! xo natalea

Lee W. said...

Ahhhh, girl stuff! SIGH. We're having a pirate party!

Heather Grow said...

What a fabulous party. It looks like all the girls had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday, Shelby.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh! Used those plates for my sisters b-day last year...she's only a decade...or 2...or 3...older!
Looks like such a fun day!!!

M ^..^

Tam said...

OOOOO What FUN! SO SO girly! I love it! OOO I can see the wonderfull scrapbook pages in my mind!!!!!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh My Goodness....Just look at all that sweetness!! May I ask where you got the Cinderella custom?

Angela said...

Thanks for entering my drawing and visiting me! I will be announcing the winner tonight abt. 9pm. I also wanted to see if you had thought abt. having a booth at Mistletoe Market in Perry? It is Nov. 21-23(perfect Christmas Shopping time) and I can send you the info if you are interested. I did very well with my journals last year, sold 300 to one person. You couldn't peel me off the ceiling! Just let me know.
Glad to hear that Shelby's party went so well and I know what you mean abt. them growing up so fast. I can't believe my little preemie is now turning 9!!!

Susan Tuttle said...

Absolutely perfect! -- just right for the beautiful princess. Happy birthday Shelby!


Cassie said...

What a lovely party! Thanks for letting me peek. The cupcakes looked great! I'm glad you and Shelby had such a great day.

Laurie and Chris said...

That sure looks like a fun party! Oh to be young again! LOL!!


That porch is looking so wonderful. I've always wanted to decorate a porch in that way. Too bad I've never had one!!

Oh your baby is looking lovely. I'm like you, I would have wanted her to stay in the dress too...LOL
She's a darling.

PS..thanks for the support the other day. That is really something I just needed to clear!!!
Life is good baby!!!!!

Jean Knee said...

awesome party, I just love little girl's parties, thanks for sharing

SherryRoseBella said...

Shelby is beautiful, Tammy!!! Just a little princess!!! What a sweet birthday party!!