Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweets for the Sweet!

We are busy this week getting ready for Shelby's 3rd Birthday. I can't believe that this little person that I once held with one arm is turning 3, wearing princess dresses, crowns and jewels, sassing me back constantly and drawing shapes with her markers. Where did that time go?

While gathering last minute items we recieved a wondeful surprise package. I say we because it was for Shelby, but Mommie enjoyed it every bit as much!My dear, sweet, amazing friend Natalea and her daughter sent this incredibly fun box full of birthday goodies. Miss Shelby and Miss Scarlet have never met, but we know that they would be great friends, just like their Mother's! The entire box was lined with this pretty pink crepe paper. Yummy!Shelby went for the big S first. Natalea made this great piece that absolutely looks like mosaic tiles. It is actually pieces of fabric cut and glued together and then decoupaged onto a paper mache letter. It is so clever and so perfect to hang over Shelby's craft table in our new studio!The goodies kept on coming. Shelby opened this hand sewn card. It is so vintagy sweet along with these other pieces that will be great to add to her scrapbook.
It didn't take Shelby long to zero in on this box. I think children can sense when there is candy near by. She really started getting into things. The birthday flashcard on this pink box was perfect to top what was inside.
This is the prettiest and yummiest lollipop I have seen in a long while! This is a Bubble Gum flavored pop from One Hundred Wishes. It tastes as good as it looks! Shelby enjoyed this all afternoon and has half of it left over for tomorrow. She loved holding that pop and it was fun letting her indulge on a little early birthday celebration.
Last, but not least, were this pair of bright pink, sparkly hair clips. What special gifts. You out did yourself, Natalea! From the wrapping, ribbons and handmade gifts we so appreciate you remembering our sweet Shelby Girl on her 3rd Birthday! Shelby and I both thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You are a great friend!

Mom and Dad arrived from NJ today to celebrate Shelby's birthday and Mom came in with this box of sweets. They may not be real, but they are every bit as wonderful!
This is a box full of tiny crocheted cupcakes that Mom whipped up to give as favors at Shelby's party on Saturday and lots of tiny strawberries with pearls for me. I am going to use a few on some necklaces as charms and the rest we will be putting up on Etsy! I may have to get Mom to make some cupcakes for our shop, too!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the start of birthday week. I will be posting the main event over the weekend. Until then, wish me luck on piping the icing on the cupcakes and for creating a fun party for 8 little girls.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Happy Birthday little Shelby! Being 3 is really fun :)

Tam said...

How exciting! A girly girl Birthday party. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Happy Birthday!

Natalea said...

Tammy- I'm so happy Shelby liked her gifts! I was smiling looking at these pictures! So cute...
Please tell your mom to make more of these crocheted cupcakes and strawberries for you shop...I'm a guaranteed customer! Love them!
Happiest of Birthdays to Shelby!! xo natalea

Scrappy Jessi said...

so fun.
what a cutie.
happy birthday!!
love all her goodies.

Sugar Bear said...

Natalea is such a sweetie. What a great box of goodies and Shelby looks very happy. Love those crochet cupcakes! Happy birthday to Shelby!

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Shelby!

Sandy XOX

Lee W. said...

oh, she's putting me to shame! Guess I'd better get on it!!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Awwwww.Happy birthday Shelby! What sugary sweet gifts!!!! :) XO,Jenn


Back sass?.. Not from an angel such as Shelby!!! LOL. What great photos and goodies. I love those jars of glitter. I could have fun for hours with those!!! Have a great weekend !!!!!

Happy Birthday to your little darling!!

Angela said...

Tammy that box of goodies(for Shelby, of course) was so perfect! I love the bday card. Your mom should put some of her cupcakes on etsy, she could make a mint just selling those! Have a wonderful Birthday Shelby and try not to wear mom out.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi, I just saw your blog over at Pearl's, and decided to drop in for a visit! The crown caught my interest! :) I have enjoyed browsing your blog...you have a beautiful one! And Shelby is a cute, precious child! Hope she has a great birthday.

I love the new building you posted below! That is going to be such a nice addition!

Take Care! Rhonda :)

Tracie~MPMaison said...

What a beautiful bunch of presents. I think my favorites are the shiny hair clips (and the candy!).

Love the crochet cupcakes too. Happy birthday Shelby, have fun at the party with your friends and Tammy, have lots of fun running around with those eight girls ;)

Pearl said...

Hi Tammy... I'd love to thank you for visiting my lil blog-home during the UnBirthday Party and leaving such a sweet comment! How nice of you...

Your post about the adorable birthday girl is so pretty! How exciting for both of you to get such a fun box of gifts 'n goodies to open and enjoy... YAY! Your blog is beautiful and I simply love your banner... it could be me in those images! I love the beach dearly and I love all things Vintage... thanks for the smiles.

I hope you do not mind me adding you to my favorites list... I really want to return and read and see everything that you have to share! Please know that you're welcome at my place anytime, Tammy... my door remains open and I truly enjoy the company and meeting + making new friends. Have a very pleasant weekend and Happy UnBirthday!


Cassie said...

Happy Birthday to Shelby! How fun, 8 little girls for a party. What a sweetie with her lolli-pop. The crocheted cup cakes are just adorable. Hope you enjoy the whole weekend!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! You made me feel like I was right there... those cupcakes are amazing.. they remind me of my grammie!! sniff sniff!!!

Barbara Jacksier said...

The cup cakes are divine! What a lucky girl Shelby is.

Sarah said...

Love the "S". There was very sweet of Nataela. Your daughters birthday dress was so sweet. My daughter would be the same way...get me out of this dress and in my bathing suit!
Vintage Lily