Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

A new shop opened up in my downtown area called the Carriage House of Gray. It has both antiques and gifts. My SIL Judy told me about it and also told me that they were looking for vendors. So, up I went, rented a space and quickly put my booth together. My Hubby and I hauled a small hutch that I had upstairs in my studio downstairs, into the truck and into the store a couple of Saturday's ago. Here is the store front. We are waiting for the sign to go up on this quaint street, called Atlanta Street.

Here is my booth and the display case I decorated for my jewelry. When I saw this, I had to have it. It has two glass shelves in it for displaying items. We added the bow and bird to the top and placed a flower in the bottom to pretty it up.
I have a mix of both vintage pieces and some button jewelry I have made. Here are some new pieces I added today.
These are Czech glass button earrings with vintage turquoise Japanese glass twists.
These are blue glass Czech buttons with glass bead drops. Since opening, I have sold 2 pieces of jewelry and have covered half of my rent so far. It is a start. I have added a few more things to the booth since I took the last picture. I hit an estate sale and flea market this weekend and added a few finds this week. My BFF, Lee also sent me a box full of things to put up in my booth to help with the cause. She rocks!
To make my things stand out and to have a professional look, Amada at Digital Paperie made these custom ordered tags to use in my booth. They came out so pretty.

Here are some more pictures of the shop and what some of the other vendors are selling.

Each vendor is required to work one day a month at the shop. Today, I worked there for the first time and it was fun. The shop is too new to know if it is going to fly, but I am having fun. It is all a learning experience and a branch out. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Until then, wish me luck!


Del said...

What a wonderful opportunity for you Tammy ... I wish you the very best. Your jewelry is lovely!


Oh I'm blown away here. This totally rocks. You're one brave soul!!!

Best of luck my dear friend, you'll be fabulous!!!!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Congratulations Tammy! This looks like a fabulous opportunity for you. Your earrings are beautiful - love the colors. Your booth is perfect. Love the hutch and the birdcage.

Lisa said...

Wow! That sounds awesome, Congrats on the move forward. I applaud you! and you have some very pretty jewelry there. I esp like the pink & blue ones, but they are all pretty :)

MommaRu said...

The Shop looks great all put together. Your new jewelry is lovely. Love the new tags, too. Wishing you much success and have fun, too.

Sandy said...

Good luck! Your bird cage display looks fabulous!


Heather Grow said...

Good luck, Tammy. So far your booth looks very pretty. I think that you should have a sign in your booth.

fated follies studio said...

everything looks amazing. good luck!


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

A Brick and Mortar store is so fun!
I have been in several but took a break.
It is a lot of work but it is wonderful when people buy your things too! Good luck to you:0)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Congratulations! Having a space is so much fun...just try (hard) not to spend all your earnings before leaving the shop, it looks darling.:)
xo Lidy