Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Dream and a Deal!

Are you chasing your dreams? For some of us that have turned 40 something, we have begun to set our sights on making them come true and limiting the number of regrets we throw on the pile. When I say we, I am specifically speaking about myself and my best friend, Lee.

Recently, Lee and I made a decision to make one of our dreams into a deal and finally into a reality. We want to go to France together one day. That day was chosen to be the year that we both turn 50. Both of our children will be much older and easier to leave at that point. So, we have approximately 8.5 years to plan this dream vacation oh and yes, to save for it as well!

We have hopes to spend days strolling in and out of antique shops, cafe's, art museums, getting lost in the countryside and making fools of ourselves trying to speak the language. Until then, we will hope, dream and plan.

In honor of our recent deal, I put together this sweet little bucket of goodies for Lee for Mother's Day. I just love the black and white theme lately, as you can see.

Time waits for no "Woman." Make your list of dreams to chase after, today!


Sandra Evertson said...

Gorgeous gift! And I'm lovin the pink dotted background and glamour girlies banner!
Sandra Evertson

Sugar Bear said...

What a fabulous dream and deal! Love the themed gift - she must have been so thrilled!


Oh girl
I love love love this!!! What a fabulous idea!!! Man how I love how you "wrap" things up. That ribbon on that pencils...blows my mind!!!! LOL.
What a wonderful gift for a wonderful friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love your banner it is so much like where I live! Denise Nantasket Beach,Mass.

Susan Tuttle said...

Yes! Paris!

I just love the sentiment of this post. You two really know how to go for it - that's what life is all about!

What a lovely gift pail for Lee - I can see all of the love that you put into it.

Thank you so much for your words on my blog - they meant a lot.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I and my girl friends spent two years planning a European vacation. It was the time of my life. My next dream is to go back and visit all the Paris flea markets. Follow your dream! ~ Lynn

Sarah said...

What a fun goal to set and what a sweet bucket for your friend. Love the photo of the women holding the flowers!