Thursday, May 29, 2008

Queen of the Kingdom!

The Queen of Make-Believe

I am a Queen on the island of Make-Believe. This is a special and magical place I alone have conjured up. As the maker of this highly sought after mystical place, I hereby name myself Queen TLu I, and I am the dreamer and provider of this island for all women.

I have imagined this island just for you and I. It is surrounded by the bluest of oceans and bluest of sunny skies. The green gardens are lush and full of flowers that make you dizzy from one deep breathe.

Women seek my island from far and near every weekend to refill, rejuvenate and peel off the worries and work from their lives. They kiss hubby's and children good-bye and head for 2 days of sheer bliss. Not only have I created the island, but the long list of amenities and luxuries that make it my special Kingdom.All women arrive to their own bungalows where gorgeous man-servants await. Each morning is spent in meditation, yoga, a walk on the beach and a dreamer's breakfast. Oh Yes, the food! I haven't mentioned that all of the food on this island is incredibly delicious, with ZERO calories and ZERO guilt. So ring for your man-servant and order to your heart's delight. Enjoy your breakfast, but do not linger too long. Your massage table awaits along side a beautiful, rippling waterfall. Here you will melt your cares away while two man-servants take turns rubbing you down! (Please note that all man-servants are personally selected by the Queen to insure the highest level of "Eye Candy" quality)

Finish your morning with mani-pedi and a facial that magically removes the sands of time from your face. The rest of the day is your own. Pick a special place on the island and paint, craft, scrap, knit, crochet, jewelry make, write, read, sew; CREATE! All supplies are free and plentiful to all who come to fulfill their creative fantasies.

The evening arrives where you are tucked into the coziest of beds where you get 10 hours of uninterrupted, peaceful, restorative sleep.

Feeling refreshed and ready to face the world, you leave for home. When you arrive, the house has been cleaned, the grass cut and the cars washed. The children are cleaned, dressed and fed. Homework has been done and there are hand-made cards welcoming you home. The groceries have been bought and put away and a weekly menu planned. Your hubby stands at the door waiting with a Martini in one hand and your slippers in the other. "Welcome Home Dear, you look more beautiful then ever. We had such a good time this weekend doing all of these wonderful things for you, we can't wait until next weekend."

Now if that is not make-believe, then I don't know what is. I am just a Queen in my mind!

This little creation was a suggestion from a blog this morning for creating a page in your Art Journal. The suggestion was to draw your own crown on your photo and to imagine yourself as ruler somewhere in your imagination. I hope you all enjoyed.

For you Luz, my create something on Tuesday, moved past Whatever Wednesday and ended up finally creating something on a rainy Thursday. Thanks for challenging us to keep moving forward.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Heather Grow said...

Sounds great! But while ya'll are sleeping in, I might go for a paddle around the island in my kayak.

MommaRu said...

Where do I sign up?t

Natalea said...

Queen T Lu, if that wasn't the description of total perfection, I don't know what is!! You had me really daydreaming there for a minute! Ahhh... now back to reality!!
xo natalea

Scrappy Jessi said...

very very cute!!
beautiful queen.

Paul Sears Photography said...

I love your queen layout. My wife is big into crafting, and I do a lot of blog surfing for inspiration for my photography. I'm going to forward this to her and bookmark it for myself. Thanks for sharing!

Simply Complicated said...

HE HE HE, gotta love that Luz - I think you are a beautiful queen!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh Tammy, What a delightful post and a delightful blog you have. May I add you to my "take me away" blogs list? I don't have a man servant but I do have my very own cabana boy. :) Hope you are having a most wonderful weekend. ~ Lynn


I am but a servant...I bow at your greatnes...hehe.
I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!!! I've seen many blogs where one person starts with a theme or story and the next reader carries it on or comes up with something equally fetching. This is just too cool. I may have to lift your idea..oh wait I just do not the creative imagination you do..this was neato!!
Thanks for mentioning me!!