Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Fun!

Here she is in full Egg Hunt glory! Last year, Don and I had to lead her along and point out the eggs. This year, she knew just what to do. She spotted one and then took off finding the rest. It was a beautiful day yesterday. It hit 75 degrees!

This is in my SIL Judy's backyard. This is her Day Lily garden along with a few Iris. This will all be in bloom by May/June.
Hooray for Spring! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter yesterday.


Del said...

Shelby looks adorable in her Easter "bloomers" and bow. Priceless moments!

Anonymous said...

This picture of Shelby with her Bunny Basket and holding an egg is one more I must have. She still looks like a baby and not a big girl already. It's so precious.
Love MiMi

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Tammy,
Your daughter looks just adorable in her Easter attire - your photos are so springy!

Thank you for your very kind words on my blog.

Glad you had a Happy Easter!


Lee W. said...

love you- she's getting SO big!


She looks fabulous and so happy. Yeah for you mom!!!!!
BTW...your blog is looking amazing...woohoo