Monday, February 25, 2008

Sew Sweet

I have been wanting to cozy up my sewing corner and on Wednesday of last week I spent some time with it. I bought some tulle and other goodies like the wrought iron hooks to make a soft little curtain in the window and a sweet place to put up some of the things that I like to look at all of the time.

The corner is defintely more cozy and very inviting. I can still look out and see the lake in the back yard. Maybe I will get inspired now to complete my list of sewing projects.

Sweet regards on the day.


Lee Weber said...

I miss you. Your room is lovely. When you see my "spot" in the basement- you'll crack up, then cry....

Susan Tuttle said...

What a wonderful, soft curtain, filled with inspiring creations by you! I bet the view of the lake is so special.

Thank you again for your amazing gifties!! - I am such a lucky gal!

Thanks for your enjoyable comment on my blog - you had me cracking up.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What a wonderful place you have created for yourself. Congratulations.

Lisa said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yea, I really enjoy Luz, she's fun.

I like your sewing space, very pretty, inspiring stuff, and organized. Can't really ask for more.. well you could, like a surger, more ribbon, more buttons, lol :)

Love, Mom said...

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty. What a wonderful spot to go to, shut the door and let the creative juices flow. Love the new wallpaper, too. What a difference it makes.


Oh that room is great and yes I love all the sweetness that surrounds you. Very nice.!!
BTW thanks for your kind words on Lisa's blog. I haven't forgotten about your RAK either, I just wanted to make it more personal since your scrap style is something to die for.

Del said...

Love your Cheerful, Charming, Creative, Corner!